CRM Upgrade

With Dynamics CRM 2016, and the all new Dynamics 365, Microsoft has dramatically revamped CRM and how we interact with these systems.

Process agility, automated enterprise collaboration based on Yammer to bring your sales team together like never before, built-in hooks for Skype & Lync for outbound calling, serious focus on mobility with native apps for Windows and iOS, and enhanced infrastructure in terms of workflows, business rules and other extensibility points, visualizations and roll-ups and global search are some of the greatest features there now.

With the end of mainstream support for Dynamics CRM 4.0, 2011, the possibility of leveraging these fantastic new features to make your business processes more streamlined has never looked better, and the time has been never more apt for an upgrade. If you are still on an older version, the upgrade will be a tremendous face-lift for user experience along with great business enablers such as SharePoint integration and build in ties to Outlook.

Nalashaa has witnessed the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM since it was first released in 2001 and we’ve helped hundreds of customers upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM since then. We are also one of the few selected Microsoft Partners on Microsoft’s CRM Technology Preview program which provides access to future CRM versions well before their scheduled release dates. This knowledge and exposure allows us to pre-plan our customer’s CRM upgrade and head off any potential pitfalls introduced in the next version.

What makes Nalashaa a great choice for your Dynamics CRM Upgrade?
  • A proven upgrade process which focuses on providing our customers with a quick and painless transition to the latest version of Dynamics CRM
  • Best-practices and methodologies fine-tuned over years, reduce complexity, business impact and risk
  • Pre-built upgrade tools allow for a considerably reduced upgrade timeline and cost
  • Well-planned quality processes ensure customer expectations are met through the upgrade process