Assessment Services

US healthcare is impacted by unprecedented regulatory change. While there are quite a few contestants for who the worst affected party is, ISVs happen to be one of those. Traditionally ISVs were expected to gauge the customer needs and design innovative solutions that met those needs. This unfortunately has changed and ISVs are perplexed by it.

Below are a few reasons why things aren’t the same as they were before and the challenges facing ISVs.

Developer Challenges

Developers like technical challenges, not regulatory – Almost all the regulations are described by the government through bulky documentation. None of the developers like to sift through this documentation to find out what needs to be done. They would love to have someone describe the “What” for them.

Regulatory Challenges

Regulations aren’t exactly in black & white – The way the regulations are described the government isn’t exactly crystal clear. More often than not, its open to interpretation when it comes down to the fine print. The confusion in the minds of the developers in the healthcare space is most evident on the forums where they look for answers. This puts the delivery timelines at significant risk.

Uncertain Path

Uncertainty about the path – Even if the ISVs somehow implement the requirements specified by the government, getting certified involves a painful process with many ambiguities around it. Then there is often a lot of paperwork to be done before the solution can hit the market as a certified product. ISVs excel at engineering enterprise-class products but aren’t really comfortable when it comes to this.

How can we help you?

Nalashaa offers assessment services to help ISVs decipher regulatory requirements. We engage with you to help you understand these, decide what needs to be done in order to meet those and prioritize. We guide you all the way till the achievement of the goal. We extend guidance to your teams from a functional standpoint to ensure that your teams are clear with what they need to do. Should you choose to seek any assistance with the implementation as well, we are more than willing to extend a hand.

Below are a few reasons that might help you decide.

With the responsibility of deciphering regulatory requirements residing with us, your developers can focus on what they do best – build the solution. This improves their productivity while maintaining their morale.

While you might have spent significant time and effort in understanding the requirements, its always a good idea to have a different pair of eyes evaluate the same.  As we are devoid of the bias that your teams might have been subject to, we might be able to question some assumptions that may avoid surprises later on.

As we encounter the same regulations for different customers, there is a natural benefit of predictability. We understand the process to be followed and have an inkling of the duration it takes to take a customer through a certification process. This renders greater certainty to your plans. 

Questions? That’s what we are here for. We are eager to exchange thoughts with people and educate them or get educated by them. Let’s connect and we’ll try to make sure it’s productive for both of us.