Data Services

The amount of data being generated in the healthcare ecosystem is phenomenal. This data is being used by players across the ecosystem to deliver meaningful insights to users. As the quantum of this data reaches unprecedented levels, ISVs are lining up resources to deliver value to their end customers. Below are a few common use cases propagating the usage of data services.

Data breaches in healthcare have reached an all-time high. As Office of Civil Rights (OCR) gives teeth to HIPAA, an increasing number of ISVs are giving a serious thought to security. They need to make substantial investments to make sure that the data stored in their systems doesn’t get compromised. The recent MU3 regulations mandate some of the security requirements in order to pave the way for a more secured future. 

The number of providers making a switch from their current EHR to a new one is staggering, given that its been quite a few years since the EHR adoption began. Such migrations often prove to be tricky because the destination EHR vendor seldom understands the source EHR data. It becomes a tricky exercise for ISVs because they need to spend time and energy in mapping the data from the old EHR. 

As ISVs compete with each other to gain the mindshare of the providers, they are looking to find newer ways for adding value. One of the best avenues for this is to deliver insights that make a healthcare provider’s life easier and help him/her derive business decisions that matter. 

As the spectrum of data that healthcare ISVs handle evolves and expands, there is increased pressure on them to find simpler ways to help providers manage this data.

As the government tightens the screws around regulations, more and more providers are getting used to the idea of reporting. ISVs in turn have to make sure that their solutions provider the necessary capabilities. Failing to do so may result in customer churn and hence loss of revenues. 

How can we help?
Data Migration

Having worked with different EHRs, we understand the typical data/entities involved in the data migration. Having built several EHRs over the past few years, we understand the importance and uses of those and are positioned to help you with significant ease. In case we come across an EHR that we aren’t familiar with, we have the necessary experience to navigate through with minimum assistance.

Regulatory Reporting

We have been helping ISVs build the reporting infrastructure for regulatory reporting (such as PQRS, CQM etc.). As this reporting has more to do with understanding of the entities involved, the reporting formats and the process for reporting these.

Data Visualization

For a solution to be successful, it needs to be simple enough to adopt. Adoption is easier when the designers of the solution understand the end-users and their sensibilities. We have been streamlining workflows for several partners and understand the context of usage, limitations of the users and their idiosyncrasies. We can blend our depth of healthcare domain and flair for modern applications that are simple enough for wider adoption and yet deliver powerful insights.

Here is a more elaborate list of the offerings we have in this space.

Let the humongous data not disturb you. We know ways to tame it and have it serve you. Just give us a call.