ISVs need to identify their customers’ needs, decipher the regulations & assess their impact on them, develop competencies in the most current technologies and finally be meticulous in solution development. This is why ISVs are increasingly focusing on their core-competence of figuring out the “What” part of the equation to define the vision. Healthcare IT specialists such as Nalashaa partner with them to deal with the “How” part. They translate the vision developed by the ISVs into usable solutions. 

Healthcare Digitization

With the push for healthcare digitization, a provider-centric industry has transformed where patients are at the center stage. Orchestrating most of the act in this eco-system are the healthcare solution providers. As they grapple with the challenges of making providers efficient while keeping patients engaged, the “What” to be built is in constant flux.

Healthcare Reforms

Independent software vendors (ISVs) have traditionally been managing only one goal – fulfilling provider needs. Healthcare reforms and efforts to standardize the ways in which information is managed and exchanged has created more dimensions that ISVs need to honor and there is always a clock ticking.

Your typical challenges and how we help you address those

Effective solution engineering takes a hit, especially in healthcare is because the developers while adept at technology aren’t familiar with the domain. Efficiency leaks are often visible through stretched development cycles, frequency of deployment failures, integration errors and design changes among several others. We avoid this pitfall by focusing on the domain aspect. Having partnered with many ISVs to work as their extended teams, we understand the workflows, terminologies and sensibilities of end users. Thus we hit the ground running with minimum hand-holding throughout the development cycle.

We understand your world and the regulations that affect you. We make your life easier by deciphering the compliance requirements, translating them to system requirements and implementing those for you. As these needs might be sporadic, engaging with us means you can maintain a core team constantly while we take care of the spikes.

Today technologies become obsolete faster than ever forcing you to migrate to newer platforms. However, your end customers cannot be migrated in one go as they have their priorities chalked out too. Often ISVs are forced to have a team, however small, to support the remaining customers till the product is sunset. Given a chance, ISVs would want to utilize this team for better purposes than supporting a small customer base. We help you achieve this by supporting the products that you plan to sunset.

Modern healthcare solutions are expected to be interoperable with surrounding solutions. During every implementation or induction of a partner, specialists are needed who understand the data to be exchanged, tools to be utilized and can understand the integrating application on the other end. Having worked with several third-party solution providers, we are well positioned to help you achieve this. Partnering with us, you won’t need a dedicated team to address such periodic needs.

With consumers spending their time on mobile devices more than ever, any and all interactions that CAN happen over a mobile platform WILL happen over those. We help you extend your desktop applications to mobile platforms to make them available to your users even when they aren’t at their desktops.

We understand your environment and help you focus on what is core to you. With our systems and processes in place, we are positioned to maintain your application portfolio in a consistent and predictable manner.