Clinical Solutions

With the increasing digitization of the US healthcare ecosystem, there are a variety solutions that aim to address specific needs of certain niches. With time, the EHR space itself has seen enough stratification based on specializations such as ophthalmology, behavioral health, nephrology and many others. While there might be a commonality that transcends all these solutions, there remain finer nuances that appeal to specific niches. Nalashaa has been working with HIT vendors across several areas such as:

Development, enhancement and maintenance of EHRs including areas such as CPOE, e Prescription, Reconciliations, Patient charts, eMAR, CDSS amongst many others. We have enabled EHR integration with third-part solutions such as Patient portals, registries, HIEs and Ancillary solutions.

Building and maintaining platforms for care coordination involving admissions, referrals, assessments, care planning, care team coordination and so on.

Migration from legacy platforms and enhancements to the system spanning areas such as admissions, referrals, discharge, bereavement management and many others.

Development of patient portals enabling registrations, access to patient health record (Including Family history, visit summaries etc.), alerts/notifications, Educational resources, View/Download/Transmission of CCDA documents and other relevant details.

Development, maintenance and integration of ED solutions for free standing facilities including integrations with labs, Pharmacies, Health Information Exchanges, diagnostic centers etc.

We partner with ISVs to work as their extended teams. While there may be an in-house team that takes care of the core components, we work in tandem with them to get their products to market faster while providing the flexibility of quick ramp-up/ramp-down. What differentiates us from most is the depth of healthcare domain that our technical experts bring to the table.