Consumer Health

With the increased focus on consumerism, the ISVs that had providers as their focal point are beginning to ready themselves for the change. The wave of the change is evident as most of them harness the power of the mobile devices, wearables and adopt innovative ways to engage the healthcare consumers.

The providers aim to gain access to more consumers to engage them with their health related information, educational resources and by receiving data from them through devices or mobile solutions. This has resulted in a shift in the perspective of ISVs and has resulted in newer families of applications that are better aligned with consumerism.

Having helped several ISVs build solutions catering to end consumers, we are positioned well to build solutions that appeal the healthcare consumers. Our focus on user experience enables us to design and build mobile solutions that are consistent across platforms and intuitive to navigate through.

Below are some of the areas where we can help the ISVs to build, integrate and maintain solutions that

To engage consumers with information relating to their health, educational content, appointment reminders, eRx refills and so on.

As more and more consumers are motivated to stay fit and reduce their health plan premiums, this information is increasingly becoming important.

Developing solutions that aim to keep healthcare consumers healthier and out of the healthcare facilities by helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

To facilitate interaction amongst the healthcare consumers and engage them in ways they prefer.