Product Engineering

As the healthcare industry goes digital, more and more ISVs are promising to offer cutting edge solutions that appeal to users. Government isn’t the only one that is dictating the actions of ISVs, the mobility revolution has opened multiple platforms that end users want to use and then there is competition to beat. In an idea world leadership in ISV organization would like unlimited budgets for innovation, excellent customer service, easy access to skilled professionals and clarity about future course the industry is likely to adopt. Unfortunately, its not an ideal world out there and ISVs need to find ways to get by. Below are a few things CTOs have on their mind.

Resources with steep learning curve

Technology professionals like to wrestle with technical challenges that excite them. Sadly enough, no great product can be built without the understanding of business needs. Healthcare ISVs find it difficult to find technical resources who understand the domain. This stretches the SDLC while being a drag on the bandwidth of functional experts. Often this is a cause of inefficiency as a lot of time is spent in imparting this business knowledge to technical resources. Else, more time is spent in the defect fixing as the developers aren’t cognizant of the exact context of usage.

Be there before others

As all ISVs compete for the market share and the mind share of customers, those that get the best products to the market in the shortest time are likely to win the race. For ISVs to win this race and sustain the habit, they need an A team by their side. They need to find innovative ways to cut short the development while beating quality benchmarks. There are several proven models to achieve and they need to be open enough to evaluate what might work for them and progressively tune it to their needs.

Competition for resources

Quality resources are always in short supply. More often than not, they are clustered geographically. So all ISVs aren’t exactly on a level playing field when it comes to sourcing skilled resource. Those who don’t enjoy this advantage need to look elsewhere if they don’t want to lose out. Advancement in technology has made distances quite irrelevant. ISVs that embrace the new globalized model will prevail as they will figure out solutions that their peers find unfeasible.

Security/IP violations

Given the sensitive nature of the information that healthcare solutions deal with, its extremely important to be careful with the measures that are taken to ensure security. This extends to the partners as well as they work as an extension to the ISVs.

How can we help?

Our razor sharp focus on healthcare allows us to put the best teams for the task. We realize the efficiency that understanding of the business brings about. This is why most of our resources associated with you are likely to understand your language of healthcare. While this may sounds trivial, folks who have spent hours on explaining a CCDA or a patient chart or flow-sheets to the developer would relate to this. We also tag along a business analyst to ensure that development teams understand what they are developing and why. This invariably saves the time and energy spent just on communication. 

Having worked with several customers on some of the most extensive applications, we have gained enough experience to grow our knowledge. This helps you as you will find us contributing to ideas and avoid a one-way communication. Having done similar stuff multiple times makes us better at it and we do it right the first time. A predictable approach ensures that there are no surprise in store for you at the end. 

With frequent changes within software to be abrupt with latest technologies or updates to new laws or regulations, it becomes tedious for a vendor to spike up the team members only for a shorter duration to ensure on-time deliveries to your customers. Besides, it isn’t cost effective to add that flab to your team. We, at Nalashaa work as an extension to your team to ensure you meet your objectives without incurring this expense. IN short, we help you with the flexibility to manage your uncertainties with demand.

With US Healthcare clients, an added advantage is leveraging time zone difference to your benefit. Your product development teams work round-the clock as your team work during the day and Nalashaa team as your extension works while you are asleep.

With self-driven teams from Nalashaa, we make sure that there is minimum drag on your bandwidth. They are guided by your leadership and managed by us. A single point of contact makes sure that our delivery is aligned with your expectations and that you are abreast with whats happening. Our agile approach to development allows us to produce a demonstrable piece every two weeks to minimize deviation from expectations. A Monthly Escalation meeting provides a platform for us to hear your opinion of us and help us become better at what we do to make it easier for you.

We are in the business of helping ISVs such as you succeed. Therefore, we ensure security compliance to guarantee the security of the data and ensure there is no copy of the source code on our end. Daily uploads are done to your code repository post unit testing. The code is never copied to the local environment but instead we remote desktop to your systems and work to ensure a high level of security.

Our competences coupled with understanding of the business ensure a quality deliverable every time. It is great to watch ideas take shape and eventually come to life!

If you still aren’t sure about something, give us a call and we would love to hear your needs and challenges. If required, we would go the extra mile to produce a proof of concept to prove our mettle.