Digital Marketing

  • Full Time
  • Bangalore
  • Posted 4 months ago
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nalashaa Nalashaa Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

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Digital Marketing 

Experience Range – 5+ Years

Job Location- Bangalore
Job Responsibilities

An enthusiastic Marketer

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketer who can help us propagate our value propositions and our brand better over the web. We aren’t looking for an artist who can make things look pretty. We are looking for someone who can do that and THINK. This role will need you to think about the audience you are addressing, evaluate your options logically and THEN figure out the best way to craft the message. You can expect full support from the practice team as far as the content CREATION is concerned. With that done, the onus will be on you to ensure that its PACKAGED righty and is seen and acted upon by the target segment, improving the numbers each time. Hunches are good, but we would like to go that route once we have exhausted the metrics.
Content Management

  • Website management – Figuring out ways to grow and improve the content on the website – Putting in new pages, Whitepapers, Blogs, Case studies, etc. Rehashing the navigation, design to ensure better retention.
  • Presentation of digital assets – While the responsibility for content creation resides with the practice, the marketer will ensure the presentation of those. He/she will be expected to blend the science (to ensure a logical presentation) and the art (to ensure the appeal). It will be imperative for him/her to understand the audience and package the content based on that and the channel of delivery of the content.
  • Organize webinars – Content and delivery will be the business unit’s responsibility. Enforcing the discipline and refining the presentation will be expected from the person. Also, putting a promotion strategy and its execution will be responsibility of the person in the role.

Digital Marketing

  • Improve organic search results and improve the visibility of the Nalashaa brand on the web.
  • Monitor Google analytics and other tools to evaluate the current situation and take corrective actions based on metrics. Correlation of metrics and actions to be part of the review meetings.
  • Monitor and track user journey on the website and improving the pages based on metrics. Reduce the bounce rates and increase the conversions.
  • Social media channel management – LI, FB, Twitter and Slideshare. Define a SM marketing plan and execute to improve the page visits and drive conversions.
  • Inbound engine rehash – Chalk out a roadmap and crank up the inbound lead engine to improve the number of enquiries.
  • Website Performance – Ensure a consistent appeal across platforms, acceptable load times across pages and devices.
  • Explore the feasibility of paid campaigns, propose plan, make investments and showcase ROI.