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Understanding the Mobile Market and your App Development Options

Android now accounts for 85% of the worldwide smartphone market, with over 750 million device activations, 800,000 apps and 25 billion app downloads to date. Despite this, iOS is still the platform of choice for the majority of developers. Unsure which platform to develop on? You must first consider your choice of ecosystem. Understood as a working combination of device, operating system and delivery environment, ecosystem choice has been complicated recently by the increase in advanced mobile devices, tablets, new operating systems and demanding user experience. This whitepaper will help you identify the most suitable environment for your mobile application.

The complexity of available mobile development options only helps to further complicate matters, with many businesses using fragmented solutions in order to address all of their needs.

Points Covered
  • The different mobile app development methodologies
  • Considerations for choosing an appropriate mobile strategy
  • What you stand to gain via each chosen path
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