Mortgage Tech

Mortgage Technology

We Give New Life to Your Existing Services.

Use Nalashaa Mortgage Technology Solutions to quickly and efficiently extend the power of your existing mortgage software.

We Know the Mortgage Industry

Leverage over 24 years of combined experience in the Mortgage Banking industry with significant knowledge in Loan Origination Systems.Our work included building and sustaining hosted solutions that covers Relationship Management and Loan Origination & Management. Enhance business opportunities using our custom built solutions to support multiple parties within the loan channels. Calyx Point to Encompass, no problem.


  • SDK and Custom Development
    Make your LOS more efficient and effective with SDK programming. SDKs are very powerful but underutilized tools. When the limits of SDK has been maxed out, Custom Development will be needed.
  • Reporting and BI
    The need for transparency and compliance is great. The burden of compliance is heavy and one size does not fit all. There is no such thing as “Too small to Comply”.
  • Consumer Experience Platform
    Create compelling user experience through interactive modern website designs
  • Customer Relationship Manager
    Pushing data from one disparate system to another is a breeze. Whether it’s to import leads or uploading data to another system, our developers makes the process simple.
  • Mobile Application
    Connecting Mortgage Service providers and consumer to the mobile ecosystem.

“The entire team brought a linear approach to each problem, and went above and beyond our original design with fresh ideas that complimented our work flow.”

James Donovan, Director, RELICITY LLC

We Built a Loan Origination System for a Fast Growing Mortgage Company

This mortgage company had difficult supporting multiple parties in the mortgage process. Our team created a unique, proprietary system.

Mortgage Reports – HMDA, NMLS and Other Reports

We implemented a reporting solutions that allow the users to generate the reports from the Application and also provides for report subscriptions.

Streamlining Mortgage Information with Cloud Technology

Our client required an all-encompassing system that would connect all the stakeholders in the mortgage sector and help them achieve tasks with ease.

Customized CRM for One of the Fastest Growing Mortgage Companies

We built a system to manage leads and applications for a growing mortgage company.

Banking and Loan Disbursement Modules for a Fast Growing Mortgage Company

Nalashaa implemented a solution to work in the underwriting, funding, closing, post closing and secondary modules of loan processing.

Overcome the Pain Points of Every Mortgage Transaction

Through our custom solutions we can automate the tedious, the day to day headaches and overlooked procedures and steps to simplify methods. Reduce errors and create consistency, thereby creating amazing user experiences. We make the pain go away with proven development, SDK, Business Intelligence programming, a customized and personalized environment and streamline processes thereby gaining the competitive edge.

SDK Development

Make your LOS more efficient with SDK programming. Our services will build simple and complex custom utilities to Organize, Automate and Report on the staggering amount of data stored. We make “dumb data” Intelligent. Our solutions include Business Analytics, creating sensible business rules, Plug ins, tell us what you need and we will create an easy to use solution.

Reporting and BI

The burden of compliance is heavy and one size does not fit all. There is no such thing as “Too small to Comply”. Our affordable solutions will reduce the amount of hardship faced, as you stay ahead of the seemingly endless changes. Ease of Use will be a certainty because we will build to your specifications and needs.

Mobile Development

In today’s connected world, it is imperative for information to be readily available. Mobile applications play a vital link in the information availability chain, providing updated information at the click of a button.

In the mortgage space, the loan officer, borrower and real estate agent interact throughout the loan life cycle using different channels. Mobile applications extend the information reach and connect all parties involved.

For consumers:

  • Create and fill the mortgage applications
  • Update the mortgage application information
  • Upload supporting documentation
  • Track application progress
  • Get the latest rates for the best deals

For loan officers:

  • Accept mortgage applications
  • Generate leads through push notification campaigns
  • Access latest rates
  • Order services
mobile development

We’re Building Custom Solutions for Finance Institutions

When that “Off the Shelf” solution falls short or is just not enough for your needs, our Custom Solutions can give you a personalized solution. Tell us your specific tasks, automate your checklists, goals, your pain points, your wish list, policies and we will create an affordable solution just for your company. Custom Solutions are flexible. Whether the issue is compliance, data related or just simply wanting to know where you are at any time during production, tasks, deep business intelligence and analytics; or just an immediate need for ad hoc reporting of loan level data, are limited only by your long term competitive needs and imagination.

community banks


Banks are looking to increase efficiencies and competitiveness. Effective compliance and ease of use are necessary keys to meeting these goals. Maximize your LOS investment by utilizing our cutting edge affordable SDK and custom programming.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Credit Unions are not too small to originate and never too small to comply. Now that an infrastructure is in place and a Loan Origination Software is selected, make the most of it. Our budget conscious and reliable custom solutions will increase production, through Efficient Automation, in order to Simplify and Execute (EASE) your daily tasks and duties. Retain your hard won member relationships by confidently originating and complying, it’s that easy.

Independent Mortgage Bankers

Mortgage Bankers and Brokers

Mortgage Bankers and Brokers want to maximize your competitive edge, we know that each deal is essential to success. Utilize our affordable SDK and custom programming to eliminate those day to day headaches.



We are the partner of choice for Software Development companies. We are proud of our Product Development DNA. Our Product Engineering Services have helped our customer drive their business through software innovation and product development.

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