Credit Unions

Create Better Credit Union Software.

We know that Credit Unions’ relationships are extremely important and that each customer is valued therefore, the importance of Originating Loans cannot be overstated.

We know that one size does not fit all and each LOS brings with it, its own set of “quirks”. Each “Off the Shelf” solution will not fully meet the needs of Credit Unions. Our approach is to utilize SDKs to its fullest, in order to, eliminate those unnecessary “quirks” and improve the processes.

When SDK Programming have reached it’s maximum, our Custom Development kicks in. Our staff’s deep experience in Mortgage and Technology will deliver solid common sense solutions to overcome the pain points facing your institution.

Credit Unions.

Our Process

On initial contact are typically via Webinar meetings, we will meet with the key contributors from your organization. During this meeting, we will assign a highly experienced Consultant, in order to obtain a full understanding of your business processes and the pain points being faced. We will discuss your expectations and requirements. In cases where Webinar meetings are not enough, we will initiate an onsite meeting is necessary.


We will meet with the key personnel to discuss the issues and determine the project scope. We will initiate the beginning of the information gathering process. Once the information is reviewed and approved by all parties, we will initiate the Kick Off Meeting.

Kickoff Meeting

We will collaborate on the best solution that will work best for your company. During this phase, we will determine the project time line and expected delivery of the solution, once the solution is approved by all parties.


We will gather the information and technical requirements needed in order to create the custom solution.


After the information is gathered, the specs will then be sent to our programmers for completion.

Quality Assurance

The solution will be thoroughly validated and tested, once the programming of the custom solution is complete.


We will deliver the solution upon completion of quality testing. We will conduct a final walkthrough of the solution and will remain available for training when necessary.

Let’s Get Started

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