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Our outsourced Product Development offerings are based on our key capabilities

Product Development DNA – We understand Product Engineering services. We are a group of technically qualified people who have deep experience in product development. We understand that unlike traditional “IT Support & services” where service scope, costs and time are all defined, the product development team works with changing requirement on a fixed timeline and cost parameter to deliver. It requires deep understanding of product development requirement and delivery processes

Agile – We are focused on agile development and products are delivered through agile best practices

Technology Focus – Focused on Product Engineering Services we are continuously focused on technology and trends and invest both deep and wide in technologies and processes that can help us products – error free and at optimized cost and timelines.

Mortgage ISVs.

Engagement Models

We are nimble and agile to address the needs of product engineering services. We have various models to engage. Some of the key models used by our customers are:

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Extended Product Development Teams

We work as an extended product development team of the customer bringing in our deep technical knowledge as part of the team. We work as the distributed product team of the customer to develop / enhance / sustain the Software product

Fixed Price Engagements for Specific Product Features

We can engage for specific project based assignments.

Centre of Competence

We act as Centre of Competence for our customers. The competencies can be based on complete product and technical ownership and provide all the services required. The services can be for products affected by Mergers and Acquisitions to support their end of life or customer base to retirement. Competencies are provided across specific product areas like testing, application modernization, BI and data visualization, mobility enablement of product and cloud-based product development.

Migration and Integration Consultancy

Consultancy and development services for migration to new technology or creating ‘integration’ services to 3rd party products or technologies

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