Bring SharePoint to your organization to discover, share and collaborate content
from anywhere and on any device.
Why SharePoint?

Data from any business legacy systems can be moved to SharePoint, bringing many legacy systems under one platform. This will save burgeoning maintenance effort and costs.

SharePoint can be used as
  • A document management portal
  • An information repository or records management portal (Legal compliance system)
  • CMS – Content Management System
  • Intranet and internet portal
  • Business intelligence portal
What can We do for You?
  • Assess existing environment to build an efficient implementation strategy
  • Pre-identify risk factors and bottle necks
Implementation and Application development
  • Intranet ,Internet portals and Application Development
    • Singular portal for all organization employees
    • Automate business process workflows – SharePoint Workflow Platform or Third Party Workflow tools
  • Customization
    • Customize the OOB Features to customer needs
    • Develop new components to meet customer requirements
  • Office 365 Setup with SharePoint Online
    • Setup and Manage Office 365 Subscriptions for an organization
    • Manage and customize SharePoint Online Sites
    • Build Apps for SharePoint Online
Migration and Upgrade
  • Move content from 0n-premise to online
  • Move content from any system to SharePoint
  • Upgrade your SharePoint to the latest SharePoint 2016
Analytics and LOB Systems
  • Integration with Power BI with row level security access
  • Integrating any LOB applications with SharePoint
  • Train end user to effectively use SharePoint
  • End-User Adaption Training
Production Support
  • Our Support team provides 24×7 support
  • Support on both administration and Development

Optimized Scalable Resources

We have immense experience in building ERP, CRM, help desk and claim management systems. We understand the processes and are well versed in automating rule based processes for better scalability and efficiency. Our experience with high volume industries and data analytics has helped us work towards perfecting automation design and collaborative processes. Having helped multiple customers on various scales, we know the pain points of this process, and we would love to work with you to help you attain the benefits without the associated troubles.

SharePoint Migration and Upgrade

Deeply integrate SharePoint into your business workflow for many needs that your growing business might require.

SharePoint Online can be your solution for quick all time access of content to all members of your team, even when on the move. Extensive customization options which can best benefit your business, OOB approach as well as third party tools can help moving all your on-premise content to the cloud safe and quick.

Migration might trigger alarm bells in any business, but with a safe, secure, well charted out plan, it can turn out to be a successful transformation.We have worked on various projects, and successfully transitioned SharePoint environments to a new location or upgraded the system, without any waning of performance, uptime or changes to the original interface.

  • Migration from Lotus Notes
  • Migration from SharePoint 2003 to 2007/10/13
  • Drop Box Migration