4 Reasons why you should Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always been focused on creating a seamless customer experience and bringing customer engagement through a faultless service oriented sales approach. But, when there are so many interactions in the digital world, a customer is bound to get frazzled and in this mayhem, it is all the more difficult to capture the attention of your customer.

Dynamics 365 has revolutionized interactions in ways beyond what you can ever imagine!

And we think it’s a perfect solution for small to medium sized organizations to get a lot more at a compelling price. With the great new licensing options, there is really no reason why you would not give this great cloud option a try.

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You want to hear the reasons?
Here goes…


Top 4 features of Dynamics 365 which you should be upgrading for –


  1. The killer combination of a CRM and an ERP
    • Quicker and more efficient is the essence behind Dynamics 365. It streamlines efficiency which is brought about by the Common Data Model allowing for intelligent use of customer data across platforms. The powerful business process solutions which can be churned out with these new changes are truly something any Dynamics CRM user would have never seen before.
  2. Power BI, Advanced analytics and IoT
    • Powered with Microsoft Azure, the cloud has brought in capabilities to the data available enabling users deepen customer relationships by offering a more complete solution based on specific needs. The structured workflows applied to unstructured processes guides users to make superior sales and marketing decisions in real-time as per customer requirements.
  3. Flexible licensing
    • Dynamics 365 has brought in a team member license, which has helped many firms cut down on licensing costs. A Dynamics CRM license is $65, and a Dynamics 365 license is $115, which might seem like a huge $50 jump. But what is the best deal is the team member license which is for $10 and the team member user has access to all data in the CRM in a read-only mode. This works perfectly for almost 50% of users across most firms. And this change in licensing fee for these users from $65 to just $10, is a huge saving annually!
  4. Intelligent Mails
    • It’s a salesperson dream to have the kind of intelligence that Dynamics 365 has brought to Outlook. Artificial intelligence gives user recommendations based on the information within your mail and your CRM. For instance, on receiving an email from a potential customer who wishes to buy a product, Outlook will automatically recommend, “It looks like you should create an opportunity for this person.” Or if a customer asks you to reach back out to them at a later date, then Outlook will prompt you to create a task reminding you to reach out.

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Aathira Nair

An engineer by education, foraying into a medley of activities - content, social media and marketing.
Aathira Nair

An engineer by education, foraying into a medley of activities - content, social media and marketing.

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