Centralized platform for employees for a world re-known wheelchair manufacturer


A fully hosted solution which would serve as a single point collaboration tool for all employees of a global wheelchair manufacturer. The shift from isolated intranets and document sharing systems to SharePoint Online presents an evolved metadata management, user flexibility and project controls.

Technology Stack

  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online
  • Acando
  • C#
  • .Net 4.0

Client Challenge

A global intranet was becoming mandatory for the far flung 700 employees word wide. A security- trimmed navigation interface for SharePoint, for helping employees access specific sites. And a search functionality to aid employees in their use of the intranet.


Nalashaa build a project plan to re-engineer processes into a collaborative workflow of enabled SharePoint sites that would allow employees to create, share and approve information. We developed a master intranet page with sub-sites for each specific department and its related business processes. The GUI for each sub-site was developed on understanding the department requisites.