Fixed Cost Solutions

We Make CRM Work For YOU.

Power up Customer Engagement, Visualize Business Insights & Leverage CRM for Accelerated Growth

We Simplify CRM

Getting customers is tough, keeping them engaged is tougher.

Traditional CRM approaches help in engagement, but the solutions are complex, cost intensive and difficult to maintain. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has dramatically revamped CRM and how we interact with each system within our ecosystem. We take pride in having helped several of our customers in gaining substantial business benefits with cost effective, super easy to maintain CRM implementations. Our fixed cost CRM solutions supplement your existing IT investment to create a system which just works for you.

Overcome the Pain Points of CRM Solutions

Through our custom CRM solutions we can help you harness the true power of the data you already have. With our be-spoke solutions, tailor-made to suit your specific special requirements, you can achieve true 360 degrees customer engagement. Having helped multiple customers on various scales, we know the pain points of this process, and we would love to work with you to help you attain the benefits without the associated troubles.


Traditional CRM systems are developed Waterfall, making it extremely difficult to accommodate changes as the development commences and inches towards completion. Our CRM Agile development practices embrace change. We keep design flexible & extensible, making it amenable to a wide range of change requests without requiring huge amount of re-work.


Building large CRM systems which integrate with external systems and deliver the required features is an effort intensive exercise, thereby resulting in huge costs of development. Dynamics 365, our in-house developed accelerators and robust development practices, leverage the best of modern day technology, to keep the cost extremely competitive.


Traditional monolithic CRM systems are difficult to maintain & tough to adapt to the ever changing business requirements. We take care of your CRM needs including form changes, process changes, reports & integration with our systems as your business grows and you require your CRM to adapt to these changes.

We build 360 degrees custom engagement solutions for your business

When that “Off the Shelf” solution falls short or is just not enough for your needs, our Custom Solutions can give you a personalized solution.

Custom Solutions are flexible. Tell us your specific tasks, automate your checklists, goals, your pain points, your wish list, policies and we will create an affordable solution just for your company.

Fixed Cost Implementation

Get an integrated, affordable solution that will help you gain a comprehensive view of your customers, close more sales, and build ongoing relationships with familiar Microsoft technology.

Fixed Cost Upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 has moved leaps and bounds from where it started. It has dramatically revamped how we see CRM systems today and stands to drive sales competence, marketing efficacy and campaign management in the cloud..