Vertical Solutions

Create a platform which is tailor fit to your specific business needs. Microsoft Technologies coupled with SharePoint can improve business processes, productivity, collaboration projects and much more. It works as a great means to cut costs and bring about better ROI for SharePoint platforms. Going deep within the offering from Microsoft SharePoint allows you to open the various avenues and use the system to the fullest, although many clients might be perfectly satisfied by the out of the box features offered from SharePoint.

Some of the benefits from a business specific custom solution are:
  • Better tracking, analytics and reporting
  • Customized screens improving productivity and adaptability
  • Integration of discrete systems and cross platform metadata search
  • Well designed, custom, media rich public facing websites
  • Automated business processes
  • Application scalability

Intranet/ internet portals are a mainstay of many businesses, and keeping them live and updated can be assured by SharePoint Services. Nalashaa has extensive understanding in all versions of SharePoint from 2001 to 2013, having worked with clients to deliver solutions across many verticals. Our experience will bring in quicker solutions and less roadblocks since we understand the system and know how to tackle it.