Improve your Shopper Engagement

Meeting the needs of the modern retail consumer requires technology that is seamless, cost-effective, fast, flexible and 100% customer-focused. Dynamics 365 empowers retailers to deliver a unified shopping experience — personalized and differentiated. With Dynamics 365, integrate digital, in-store, and back office operations to personalize shopper engagement and boost employee efficiency. Dynamics 365 for Retail helps you deliver a consistently unified experience for shoppers across stores, web, mobile, and contact centers.

Different buyer personas, various stages, multiple departmental decisions, ONE solution – Dynamics 365

Click through the tabs below to find how Dynamics 365 helps you through the buying journey.


Know shopper affinity

Identify catchment channels

Know when to reach them

Spot perception of value

Understand purchase barriers


Optimizing channel spend

Personalized messaging

Event-driven campaigns

Differentiated pricing

Tying in-store data to campaigns

Dynamics 365 Features

Segmentation & Profiling

  • Shopper categorization based on demographics, events, interactions, affinity/interests etc.
  • Dynamic auto-evolving
  • Syncing market segments on Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn matched audiences

Inbound/Outbound Customer Journey

  • End-to-end modeling
  • Auto-trigger tasks, workflows
  • Lead nurturing based on configured flow
  • User journey analysis

Campaign Management

  • Journey/Stage/Segment bases content marketing
  • Precise event-driven/scheduled retargeting
  • LinkedIn campaigns tied into Dynamics 365 campaign
  • Tie Google paid campaigns into CRM workflows
  • GDPR Compliance

Social Engagement

  • Marketing calendar management and content publishing
  • Social listening
  • Sentiment analysis

KPI Management

  • Journey analysis & insights
  • Channel effectiveness
  • Share of voice
  • Amplification rate
  • Sentiment map


Drive traffic

Minimize funnel leakage

Manage followership

Improve Lead-MQL conversion

Customer decision analysis


Quote customization

Shopper lifecycle triggers

Creating engaging content

Shopper sentiment analysis

Lead prioritization

Dynamics 365 Features

Funnel Management

  • Automated lead scoring for better engagement
  • Automatic orphan lead association
  • Customer segmentation and engagement plan based on journey events
  • Organize events & surveys to drive purchase decisions & for behavioral insights

KPI Management

  • Funnel velocity
  • Mid-funnel dropout rate

Precision Retargeting

  • Initiate similar campaigns for look-alike audience
  • Surveys to further shopper in the buying journey
  • Evaluate average buying time for similar audience for the product(s) of interest
  • AI-powered sales calls in-line with lead scores/responses (surveys)

KPI Management

  • Retargeting engagement score
  • Channel and campaign contribution

Account-Based Marketing

  • Design custom journeys based on account insights
  • Message personalization across channels
  • Manage network in accounts to engage buyers, influencers, blockers etc.
  • Relationship intelligence to track customer signals

KPI Management

  • Click/hover heat maps
  • Avg. number of touches


Track shopper behaviour

POP suggestions & discounts


Augmented reality

Multi-channel approach


Marketing to sales leakages

Channelized discounts

Device connections

Inefficient POS

POS Security

Dynamics 365 Features

POP Activities

  • Tie shopper details with PoS suggestions
  • Tailored recommendations at POP
  • Assists user to lookup inventory, shopper, manage transactions
  • Advanced auto-charges & discounts
  • Virtual fitting trial data populated
  • Educate about brands


  • Suggest options with in-store & online data of virtual trials
  • Cross/up-sell products according to the purchase history
  • Tie suggestions to shopper’s current behavior
  • Push relevant ads on social platforms tagged with the shopper

KPI Management

  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Cross/Up-sell rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Average order value
  • Average Revenue per customer
  • Net Effort, Emotion, scores


Fewer, shorter calls

Process & experience consistency

Better FCR %

Feedback collection

VoC in future touch-points


Volatile call volume

Missing SLA discipline

Unknown context for call

Improving feedback ratio

VoC not driving future messaging

Dynamics 365 Features

Unified Service Desk

  • Computer telephony integration, auto-loading of records, agent scripting and more.
  • OOB Assistance via chat providing contextual information – purchase history, preferences etc.
  • Live Assist for personalized experiences across web, mobile

Floor Operations

  • Case queues, routing, assignment, monitoring, assessment
  • Browsing, editing, sharing of knowledge base
  • Universal service scheduling, assistance and management

Process Automation

  • Use RPA with CRM to increase efficiency
  • Agile support
  • Resolve issues proactively
  • Automate predictable & repeatable queries

Service Quality

  • Effective assistance using Mixed reality, Remote Assist and HoloLens
  • Setup and auto-monitoring of configured SLAs

KPI Management

  • CSAT – Scores, collection rate, channels, drivers etc.
  • First response time
  • First contact resolution
  • Avg. resolution time
  • Case mix – category, channel, priority etc.


Increasing wallet share

Reduce volatility in spend

Reduce cost to service

Minimize future marketing spend

CLV maximization


Latent & adjacent needs

Pre-emptive fulfillment

Push towards eCom platform

Promote subscriptions

Engagement by loyalty programs

Dynamics 365 Features

Acquire & Enroll

  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Enrollment process
  • Customer groups categorization for program’s eligibility
  • Card management
  • Redemption rule management

Brand Visibility

  • Monitor mentions, trends, phrases, sentiments to gain higher eyeball share
  • Monitor Brand mentions
  • Analyze visibility & trends of phrases
  • Shopper sentiment analysis
  • Improve eyeball share on platforms


  • Personalization in emails, print communication, social platforms etc.
  • Tailored promotions, recommendations, offers and discounts
  • Gamification for contests, competition, events etc.
  • Factor VoC in communication to develop intimacy with customers

Brand Allegiance

  • Setup loyalty schemes, Pricing groups
  • Configure discounts, channels, redemption mechanism etc.
  • Tie redemptions with customer journey
  • Loyalty tier management
  • Social selling assistant to follow customers and competitors

KPI Management

  • CLV
  • Average engagement rate
  • Perception scores
  • Price elasticity
  • Retention rate
  • Wallet share

Wait, there is more in the Dynamics 365 arsenal...


  • Power Apps to create ready-to-deploy mobile apps without programming, integrated with databases, Office 365, OneDrive and more
  • App Source to help you hit the ground running with pre-built apps
  • Ubiquitous access across desktops, mobiles and tablets with Offline mode


  • Auto-suggestions for new opportunities based on email data
  • Notes analysis to provide suggestions based on meeting notes
  • Talking points to start/sustain conversations based on customer interests (sports, vacation, family etc.)
  • Network map to reach the right point of contacts


  • Built-in Power BI embedding analytics capabilities
  • Predictive forecasting
  • Call recording, intelligence, sentiment analysis
  • Projected/Actuals, pipeline, leads, activities split by status, category etc.
  • Maintain, track, manage KPIs, leaderboards, scorecards etc.


  • S2S Authentication to seamlessly integrate your web applications and services
  • GDPR compliance to insulate you from regulatory risks
  • Fraud-prevention framework and capabilities for secured transactions


  • Design workflows graphically, define triggers and configure automated actions
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on top of your Dynamics 365 and other systems to automate processes beyond marketing & sales
  • Auto-prioritization of leads and opportunities to enable better focus


  • With emails, chats connected to Dynamics 365. Track appointments, assign tasks, share content right from emails.
  • With OneDrive and SharePoint for easier contract management, content management etc.
  • Web APIs for partner integrations
  • Cortana for voice-based support


  • Respond to emails with templates, resources and other artifacts from Dynamics 365
  • Quick inline edits while viewing data in grids
  • One view of past and planned customer interactions across departments/functions
  • NLP for getting information using sentences in plain English


  • Automated duplicate identification and deletion
  • Data export service allows for a quick and easy export
  • App modules for multiple segregated but integrated apps within the product

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