With a smarter generation of customers, changing historic banking practices has become inevitable for customer acquisition and retention. Today’s customers want access to their financial data securely within the comfort of their home, and at the same time, fast and personalized service when they step into a bank.

New age technology within Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made access to customer information simple, aiding banks in providing appropriate and effective support.

Predict customers’ needs and meet them with personal attention to build relationships and revenue

Predict customers’ needs and meet them with personal attention to build relationships and revenue

Predict customers’ needs and meet them with personal attention to build relationships and revenue

Improved Operational Efficiency through Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adapt quickly to the changing demands of the market, and bring agility and efficiency to your operations ensuring exceptional customer service and business management.

Deliver consistent customer experience across locations and channels through customizable workflow automation and task standardization.

Highly configurable and scalable platform along with widely adopted, easy-to-use tools to optimize your existing business and technology architecture.

Branding to the new generation of customers

Dynamics 365 is helping banks across the world to manage the entire customer lifecycle and deliver exceptional customer service.

360-degree Client View

A single dashboard to manage all customer information including preferences, transactions, holdings, and communications history providing a complete overview of the client.

Investor Communication Tracking

Track all forms of communication automatically including emails, phone calls, meetings and other interactions with account holders. An option for setting up and managing routinely scheduled formal correspondence is also provided.

Financial Account Management and Reporting

Access to all client financial transactions, accounts, and holdings, which enables to create custom reports based on the specific needs of your management team.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

Maximize the sophistication by which the organization shares and manages client data while complying with the industry regulations and privacy legislation by using auditing and field level security enterprise modules.

The comprehensive Dynamics 365 overview

Dynamics 365 is a unique product which understands the changing needs of the market and how best to help your business flourish.


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