Today’s customer demands VIP treatment and goes to great lengths to promote both their good and bad experiences with any product or service. Hence, first-rate customer service is not a choice but the lifeline of your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers your service agents with revolutionary omnichannel capabilities for all-round case management. It fosters consistent experiences across all channels to ramp-up operations and delight your customers.

How will it change your business?

Dynamics 365 offers end-to-end solutions that optimize, automate, and streamline your business processes for maximum returns.

Business Change
Intelligent case management

Let your agents draw helpful insights from similar past cases and better anticipate future requests. Equip them with easily searchable knowledge articles and AI assistance for unmatched TAT. Analyze common issues using the in-built intelligence to boost agent productivity.

Consistent experience across channels

Let customers reach out to you via SMS, phone call, or any medium they prefer with the ability to switch channels during ongoing threads. Assist customers with self-help capabilities, product knowledge repository, and access to user communities to reduce the cases reaching your team.

Reduced human interaction

Harness AI for auto case triaging and customer-facing bots for suggesting resolutions. Deploy process automation to allow agents to be in sync with other departments and stakeholders. Address problems even before they occur with proactive/predictive service models through IoT.

Keep your agents motivated

Foster an intuitive agent experience with out-of-the-box insights and interactive dashboards. Machine-driven guidance enables them to act on backlogs and priorities to improve productivity. Managers can better evaluate agent performance and monitor cases to gauge the business impact.

How can Dynamics 365 benefit you?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service delivers end-to-end service engagements, with personalized experiences and machine-enabled possibilities. It helps organizations maximize brand loyalty and boost their CSAT by allowing customers to engage on their terms. Let your customer service team exceed expectations at every touchpoint and improve with every incoming case with AI-guided interactions and smart workflows.

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