The biggest factor that separates an unsuccessful organization from a successful one is ‘People’. However, the process of acquiring talents and onboarding & managing them, owing to the sheer volume, can be overwhelming for the Human Resource Department. While fostering a learning culture and creating quality employee experiences, the HR team often finds itself submerged in challenges ranging from unskilled labor and suboptimal employee engagement to high staff attrition rate and compliance complexities. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has added a new member to its Dynamics family - Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources.

How will it change your business?

Dynamics 365 offers end-to-end solutions that optimize, automate, and streamline your business processes for maximum returns.

Business Change
Intelligent hiring and onboarding

Equip recruiters with LinkedIn Talent Solutions for end-to-end recruitment. Connect with the right applicants and auto-schedule interviews and verification checks. Expedite onboarding of new hires by setting up their workstations and giving them the necessary access.

Empower your employees

Extend self-service capabilities to employees for upgrading their skills and setting goals. Grant access to relevant tools and information, facilitate unhindered communication with peers, manage performances, and share personalized feedbacks. To foster a healthy workspace, gauge employee sentiment and get recommendations to improve it.

Automate/Streamline HR programs

Allow HR professionals to focus on strategic efforts through dynamic reporting capabilities and automating the management of attendance, finance, information, compliance regulations, and others. Save time and reduce staffing costs by accurate redeployment of members on strategic projects.

Uncover workforce insights

Use embedded analytics, visualizations, and interactive dashboards to analyze critical data on HR programs. A centralized database helps promote data integrity and productivity, integrate with partner applications, and reduce complexities. Get actionable insights to allow stakeholders to make correct and timely moves.

How can Dynamics 365 benefit you?

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources is a one-stop HRMS solution for end-to-end workforce management with customizable hiring stages, insights for retaining talent and boosting productivity, and tools for collaboration with stakeholders. Performance management helps identify employees’ strengths and skills gaps with both bird’s-eye and drill-down views. Automation of routine tasks and self-help capabilities save admin time. AI-backed analysis of labor statistics, turnover figures, and hiring data helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance resource allocation, and fill vacancies.

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