Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution to empower enterprise operations, but like any enterprise solution, it needs to evolve through customizations to keep pace with changing business needs. Niche skills are required to service enterprise solutions and almost always, the resolutions demanded by business users have pretty steep timelines. The volume of service requests through the year isn’t constant or predictable though. That is why most IT teams with these businesses are faced with one or more challenges listed below.

If you are living through these challenges, here is how we help you change the situation for the better!

Maintain your CRM
  • Answering How-TOs
  • Service requests and resolutions
  • End-user Trainings
  • Recorded sessions
Improve your CRM
  • Form or schema changes
  • Incorporation of business rules
  • Rollups/Patches
  • Integration with plugins or 3rd party solutions
  • Customize workflows to suite evolving business needs
Realize better RoI
  • New reports
  • KPI dashboards
  • Workflow optimization

All this through Fixed Price CRM Support plans and No hidden elements.

Plans to choose from

Based on your frequency of usage of CRM services, below is a spectrum of options for you to choose from


Monthly Price

  • Resource Type
  • You Get

Let’s talk

  • A TEAM
  • An invested

$6400 /Month

  • Dedicated
  • 160

$3600 /Month

  • Shared
  • 80

$2000 /Month

  • Shared
  • 40

$1200 /Month

  • Shared
  • 20

$725 /Month

  • Shared
  • 10

$500 /Month

  • Shared
  • 5

How we enable It

  • End users log support requests on the ticketing system with details such as
    • Priority
    • Description
    • Evidence/Context
  • Check real-time status of support requests
  • Reach out to support teams over email/phone in case of emergency

  • Acknowledgement sent to the user
  • Each ticket classified as
    • Support : Query about a feature or system behavior
    • Defect: Functionality that’s inconsistent with system requirements
    • Change: A requirement that isn’t part of existing functionality but is desirable
  • Prioritization and allocation to experts on the support team

  • Replication of issue
  • Development of the fix
  • Ticket status updated
  • Communication of the fix to the end-users

  • Evaluation and review of the service
  • Incorporation of the feedback
  • Sign-off from the Client


Why our clients love us


Choose the right support for your business

to power your business through agile support for your Dynamics CRM

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