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Sep 24, 2014 Aathira Nair

Armed with a smart phone, every customer is a source of praise or rant. And more often than not, it is the latter which you need to be looking out for. But if intercepted at the correct juncture, a rant can also be sufficiently mellowed in impact. Microsoft Social Listening offers a powerful analytics tool for social media interactions arising from customers and helps to analyze brand, campaigns and competition at a larger scale.

Microsoft Social Listening has the capability to track sentiments. It does this by identifying phrases and associated words, helping the user to quickly get to the rants and solve issues, hence building trust and a true relationship.

What can you do?

  • Track posts over prolonged periods of time to capture information. Identify trends with easy to read charts
  • Campaign Tracking by listening to reactions on different social networks and analyzing success areas
  • Sentiments are different in different languages, and Social Listening helps to analyze native languages to understand cultural references
  • Customer analysis and recognizing prospects through social media conversations

Understanding how Social Listening can integrate into your CRM

Let us take a case of a retail bank which turned to Social Listening integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. They built a multi-stakeholder social CRM process engaging online communities, management and customer care.

Aim: To help reach the younger generation of customers who are always online and who made decisions online.

Online customer relationships can be categorized into 4 stages:

  1. Acquiring
  2. Retaining
  3. Enhancing and the last and most important
  4. Servicing

How did the bank utilize Social Listening for each of these stages?

  1. Acquiring – Monitoring other banks in the region helped them to be aware of offers and create competitive packages to suit the needs of current and prospective customers
  2. Retaining – Social Insights extension helped to be on top of all social posts and monitor the social sentiment. Quickly identify positive or adverse sentiments and work on them
  3. Enhancing – Identify real-time customer issues and better customer service, in turn boosting the overall brand
  4. Servicing – Being available to customers, literally at their fingertips, smoothening out any query and concern. Social Listening segregates social posts  in accordance with the possibility of each post affecting the brand

social posts

Click here for the Detailed Case study

More with Social Listening with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

  1. Campaign Monitoring – Real time analysis of the social impact of campaigns
  2. Analysis – Measure customer engagement, measure campaign outcomes in a more holistic manner with a socially connected CRM
  3. Social Intelligence – Identify emerging themes, build brand through advocates and influencers and customer social profiling
  4. Campaign messages – Better message penetration and sales insights

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