Quick product revamps to enable add-ons to work hassle free with latest versions of Dynamics CRM for Retail, Manufacturing and Financial Services


A leading provider of CRM add on products for the retail, financial and manufacturing sector needed quick product revamps and code compatibility for future CRM releases. They also required continuous support for a glitch-free product delivery.

Technology Stack

  • CRM 4.0
  • CRM 2011
  • CRM 2013
  • CRM 2015
  • HTML5
  • C#
  • REST Services
  • Javascript

Client Challenge

With the numerous overhauls of CRM through the years, the client required the add-ons and utility packs to be updated as per the latest CRM changes. Quick product revamps, code compatibility for future releases and continuous support for a glitch-free product delivery.


Nalashaa re-architected the solutions with a clear understanding of CRM 2013 and CRM 2015 changes, ensuring that the client Add-ons and Utility packs serve the intended need in the newer versions of CRM also. The new product development was aimed at ensuring code compatibility with future releases.