Client Requirement

A successful business requires a powerful servicing, sales and marketing tools to give a clear view of all the customers: from initial contact to post-sale support. To maintain value-added lead administration and customer relationship management, the client wanted the system to be upgraded to Dynamics 365. The absence of source code for their existing CRM system needed to be addressed during the upgrade and the upgraded CRM system needed to be integrated with external applications.


The customizations in the CRM system and client requirements demand the need for an expert team to handle the upgrade process. Nalashaa worked in many upgrade projects, of which each system is unique and had many complexities in the process of upgrade. The challenge with the energy solutions firm was the absence of source code which is inevitable for the upgrade process. Through reverse engineering, by analyzing the queries in the database of existing system and decompiling the code, the source code was formulated. The team comprehend the business logic and revamp the same in the new system. External applications like GFIN system, SAP system, and BizTalk server were integrated with Dynamics 365 for adept data management and proficient business administration.

Augmented Business Workflow

Improved Informational Organization

Optimized CRM Performance

Technology Stack

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • SSRS
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