Empower your Data with Meaningful Visualization through Power BI

Visualizations dramatically improve ability to grasp information hiding within your data. Access, evaluate, comprehend, and act on real-time data faster to identify new business opportunities ahead of the market. Visual data discovery ensures you find the data when you need it significantly increasing productivity.

Storify your data and open doors to new ways of looking at operational, sales or for that matter, any business data. With Power BI, Microsoft is making data and analytics truly accessible to all, by bringing it directly to the tools that you use every day. With both Excel and Power BI for Office 365, you can give everyone in your organization a powerful new way to work with and interpret data.

What is it that Power BI brings to businesses?

Power BI for Office 365 can easily deploy a cloud-based BI environment for users to share insights, collaborate and access reports, from anywhere. Everyone in your organization will have the power to look at data in a new way. Bringing these capabilities directly to the tools that people use every day, Power BI helps to create accessibility to analytics and discovery.

Benefits of Data Visualization

Data visualization tools and techniques offer executives and other knowledge workers new approaches to dramatically improve their ability to grasp information hiding in their data. Here are the top 4 benefits that data visualization offers to decision makers and their organizations.

Visualizing Relationships

Correlations, relationships and patterns provide a multi-faceted view of business and operation dynamics, helping in data drill down to rectify operating conditions and in turn better business performance.

Mapping Big Data

Comprehend multi-dimensional data sets through heat maps, fever maps, tree maps or mosaic plots without being bogged down with copious amount of operational and business data.

Interacting with Data

Multi-dimensional tables and charts help build interaction with data and bring actionable insights to the surface.

Identifying Trends

Identify emerging trends and grasp shifts in market conditions helping to remain customer focused. Expand to new markets and open revenue opportunities on the go.

Nalashaa Offerings

Nalashaa has been partnering with businesses across an array of verticals including healthcare, mortgage, education and retail among many others. With deep knowledge of business drivers across these domains, Nalashaa has the right resources to help its customers with meaningful insights to derive actionable results.

  • Interactive & Advance Data Dashboards in Power BI
  • Azure Integration
  • Data Lake Creation
  • Tabular Modelling
  • Integration of Social Media sources like Facebook/ Twitter
  • Data Encryption & Movement on Cloud.

We can show you how to make all that difficult looking data easy

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