Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Why settle for the old CRM, especially when the new Dynamics 365 is astoundingly better!

Dynamics 365

Microsoft just made a great affordable solution even better!

2017 will see the end of mainstream support for Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011. And what better time to upgrade and experience the fantastic new features from Dynamics 365, to streamline your business processes. If you are still on an older version, the upgrade will not only be a tremendous face-lift, but alongside brings you the power of data and cloud to draw insights which you didn’t even know existed.

You just might get surprised with what analytics can tell you!
Dynamics 365 brings the best of CRM and ERP cloud offerings in a single package! So, what?
Contextual Insights

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know more about your lead and their interests?

Dynamics 365 can do that!

Personalized Service

Do you want to personalize every interaction with your customer?

Dynamics 365 will help you!

Ease and Familiarity

Not sure how difficult it would be to learn the ropes of a new system?

Dynamics 365 is user friendly!

Extend Capability

Tired of juggling numerous systems to achieve your business needs?

Dynamics 365 is a 1-stop solution!

What makes Dynamics 365 so amazing?
What does Nalashaa bring along for your Dynamics CRM upgrade?

Having witnessed the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its release in 2001, we’ve helped 100s of customers upgrade and enhance their experience. Years of working on the system through each new advancement has helped us develop and polish our processes perfecting them extensively.

Upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics CRM

Our plans start at $5999.