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We Simplify Automation.

Let bots take care of repetitive tasks accurately and tirelessly, freeing up human strength for reasoning, judgement and more.
IT has evolved but business systems have evolved faster and more aggressively. In some cases, IT has not been able to keep up with the rapid changes and extensive requirements and here, humans have been forced to pitch in, more like the swivel chair effect. This results in inefficiencies and mistakes. Bots work all day long; reducing cost, making no mistakes and documenting all the work seamlessly.

How does RPA work?

RPA can be thought of as a virtual employee who successfully takes up structured tasks on an ongoing basis. A variety of tasks such as invoice processing, employee onboarding, report generation etc. can be achieved accurately and fast using bots.

Automatic Execution
Increase productivity & quality
Fast realization of ROI
Boost quality & compliance

Where does RPA work?

Banking & Insurance Services

Digital labour  Over 50% increase in productivity on loan closing.brings simplicity to processes with high volumes.

Human Resources

Reduce paper work 50% time saved by automating onboarding., costs and drive significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Healthcare Payers

Eliminate paperwork Over 20% incremental cost reduction for BPO operations. or reduce time to process a file, or store a form.


Large number of repetitive tasks 29% average cost savings by automating AP processes. makes it prone to human error, which can be automated effectively.

Robotic process automation and Artificial Intelligence are headed towards a fusion with their capabilities complementing needs.

Project Engagement

We assess each process to determine the Automation Assessment Score, and with the detailed scorecard customers have a clear vision of the path ahead towards RPA.

Let’s Get Started

Speak with a specialist to assess your automation score and business process ROI on a RPA implementation.

Nalashaa’s RPA Advantage

We are a team with in-depth domain experience and coupled with collective RPA experience of 15 years. We are growing in size and exponentially in quality.

We build Scalable, Intelligent and cost effective automated solutions

  • How to best implement the tool
  • How to effectively build automated solutions
  • Pros and cons of the tool itself
  • Processes best suited for the tool
  • Best standards and practices in developing RPA solutions

Tools Implemented

  • OpenSpan
  • UiPath
  • AA
  • Blue Prism

Applications Automated

  • Windows
  • Siebel
  • SAP
  • CRM
  • Mainframes
  • Power Builder