Think Simple. Build Powerful.

Product Engineering

How Nalashaa product engineering expertise improves ROI?

The Think Simple, Build Powerful Approach.

Consumer expectations from Software has made software development extremely complex. With the wide variety of devices, newer hardware and software, consumers demand more. The software usage pattern of the next generation of customers is changing every day. With these challenges, software product companies still have to manage product features, development, product testing, version management, release management, continuous delivery and integrations.

It is easy to get carried away and lose track of things with such complex demands. We, at Nalashaa, believe in thinking simple and building powerful to ensure delivery of good quality software. Our design teams take a mobile first approach to design. Our expertise in building and deploying cloud applications ensure high availability of software to customers. Our expertise with integrations and social media helps in connected applications with high levels of automation. We look at the complete product lifecycle requirement and create simple processes to deliver predictable outcomes.

Our Think Simple, Build Powerful philosophy has helped our customers meet their business goals and we believe that makes us your best software development partner.


  • Cloud
    We build products for cloud or help migrate your product to cloud.
  • Mobile
    Extend your product outreach with mobile applications.
  • Social Media
    We ensure your product connects to the social platforms.
  • App Modernization
    Re-energize your product with the latest UX and architectural designs.
  • User Experience
    Engage with your customer with engaging user interface.
  • Test Engineering
    Ensuring error free product.

Product Development DNA

We are a product engineering company. We are a group of technically qualified people who have deep experience in product development. We understand that unlike traditional “IT Support & services” where service scope, costs and time are all defined, the product development team works within an ever changing requirement plane. It requires deep understanding of technology, product development requirement and delivery processes in an agile framework. The Product engineering teams are continuously focused on technology and trends and invest both deep and wide in technologies and processes that can help us deliver software – error free and to required ROI.

Centers of Excellence

We act as Centre of Competence (COC) for our ISV customers. The competencies can be based on shared or complete product and technical ownership and provide all the services required. COCs across specific product areas

Product Development

We provide complete product development using an agile methodology. We can be an extended or dedicated product development teams for our customers. We have a design lead approach to Product development in our competency center.

Product Testing

We provide dedicated testing services for our customers. We offer a complete suite of Test services for software products. Our competencies cover Code Quality Analysis, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Test Automation and Performance, Reliability & Scalability Testing.

User Experience

We are providing Usability and User Experience design to software companies. We work on the latest technology trends and responsive UX. We provide a path to UX refresh.


We provide capability on technology refresh, platform modernization, technology migration path to address requirement for mobility and cloud deployment.

We know Custom Solutions

We know Custom Solutions

We know Custom Solutions

  • Microsoft Technologies

  • Java Technologies

  • Open Source Technologies

  • Cloud Technologies

  • User Experience Design

  • Mobile technologies