There is an abundance of data being created and generated across digital ecosystems, from mobile apps, POS, social media, customer-support calls, and through a myriad of other sources.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, organizations today can harness the power of this data influx, turn them into business insights to aid in decision making. Data analytics solutions are progressively optimizing workflow to eliminate inefficiency. Nalashaa excels in streamlining data analytics services to bring you the insights you need to achieve operational excellence.

Everyday Data Challenges

A few hiccups on the way to advanced analytics

No Reliable Workflow
  • Poor acquisition, identification, and cleansing
  • Redundant or duplicate data
  • Unstructured data
Neglecting Context
  • Poor collaboration
  • Lack of clarity in business metrics
  • Inefficient algorithms and data models
Single Source of Truth
  • Disparate sources
  • Time consuming development
  • Varying data formats
Managing Data
  • Inability to handle increasing volumes
  • Limited ad-hoc reporting
  • Questionable data governance

Our Solution Offerings

Say goodbye to all your data challenges with our wide range of data analytics services

BI assessment & strategy definition


DM strategy &

BIDW & MDM maturity assessment

Tool evaluation &

Arch. & design

Quality assessment & rule definition

Setup BI & DM
execution f/w

Data extraction, aggregation

Master data management

Migration, consolidation & upgrade

EDW development & maintenance

Data profiling, quality & governance

Batch & real-time data integration

ETL tool administration

EDW architecture & management

Report rationalization and migration

KPI & metrics definition

Cube development

Multi-dimensional analysis

BI reports and dashboards

Maintenance services

Self-service BI development

SLA definition and tracking

Natural language processing

Analyze unstructured data

Cognitive computing

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Deep learning

Self-service BI development

Adaptive automation

Upgrade Your Business, Today

Keeping up with the ever-evolving market is quite challenging. Navigating through the expectation of tomorrow is easier with actionable insights.

Proactive Solutions
  • Identify trends in the market
  • Predict consumer behavior
  • Business monitoring to avoid escalations
Hyper Personalization
  • Enable targeted messaging
  • Retain Brand Loyalty
  • Enhance customer experience
Mitigate Risk & Fraud
  • Stay ahead of fraudulent activities
  • Eliminate predicted roadblocks
  • Remove potential security breaches
Democratized Reporting
  • Easy access to insights
  • Optimize performance
  • Improved decision making

Why Nalashaa?

Customized Roadmap

Tailored data analytics execution aligned with business goals

Data Experts

Command over latest technologies to maximize data usefulness

Outcome focused

Data-driven business decisions that drives profitability

Ease of management

Accountability & ownership of execution with low supervision

Actionable Intelligence

Instantaneous availability of required KPIs for prompt action

Turn your Data to Actionable Insights

Your data should no longer be ignored. Steer your business to success with data-driven business decisions.

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