Businesses across industries are undergoing a digital transformation due to an explosion of data. Data is generated from every system, mobile apps, POS, social media posts, and customer-support calls, and through the myriad devices that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations can use this data to gain critical information and generate insights that drive business decisions. As today’s digital transformation continues, businesses have started to understand that more must be done with the data management strategy that goes well beyond receiving and storing this information. Raw data by itself doesn’t generate any insight into driving business growth. Rather, it’s the analytics and reporting solutions derived from data that creates true value.

If your organization operates in a consumer-centric value chain, you would know that the following are the biggest concerns that business and technology leaders have on their mind.

How can we help you achieve it?

Given the digital-transformation and the value of data, it’s imperative to have a well-thought data strategy chalked out. Improvising and exploring data services to find new meaning results in a number of insights that fuel the cycle of continuous data management. And we have been playing with a lot of tools for a while now and can make your data give you its real value through:

Disparate data generated by various departmental silos seldom makes sense if not connected. With the discernment of reality varying across different departments, havoc and dissatisfaction is often witnessed. We help you bring some order in the house by

  • Compiling information from multiple data sources.
  • Profiling the data to uncover data defects and analyzing the data for accuracy, completeness, consistency & reasonability.
  • Formulating data in a particular structure to help analysis in the future.
  • Using ETL to load data from the source to the Data Warehouse to talk a common language.
  • Building EDW to distribute data, report, and analyze it for new insights

Depending on why businesses want to migrate to cloud, there might be different options to pursue. If you are looking to migrate your existing solution portfolio to cloud, we can help you do that in a minimally intrusive way by porting those and rewiring them for the cloud. Also, there might be enterprise applications that might be better off within your network. We can integrate those with the ones that you choose to migrate to the cloud. Based on the nature and technical design of the application, we can

  • Building Ad hoc reports enabling the actual reports to be built by business end users, saving the technical user’s effort.
  • Facilitating insightful reports that can further influence decisions and drive change.

Modern cloud platforms offer quick, painless ways to build cloud-native applications that deliver micro-services to end-users and result in superior experience, if one knows the tricks of the trade. We understand the platform capabilities that can accelerate development while easing maintenance, tools that can be leveraged and processes that can be implemented to enable swift roll-outs. This allows you to be nimble while rendering the required scalability on demand. We achieve it through

  • Constructing a BI Roadmap in-line with your business priorities.
  • Assessing/Selection of technology that complements your business requirements.
  • The usage of pattern identifications, predictive forecasting based on older data to help you predict financials and other higher priority business facets.
  • Role-based KPI Dashboards and Reports for internal staff, operations group, and the executive team.


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