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Since the past 3 decades, AS400 has evolved in a big way. IBM has tried to keep the latest generation of the IBM i servers open, more powerful and far more technologically advanced than what these servers once used to be. While technology leadership of organizations using the IBM iSeries might be eager for a change, they need to realize the true potential of the machine & bring about a transformation that is technologically & economically prudent.

30 years
& still a number of AS400 users don’t leverage its true potential. iSeries can do what a modern solution can. To achieve that enterprises must focus on optimizing the machine’s performance by leveraging newer techniques.
“Popularity of AS400/iSeries never fades. IBM has kept evolving the system with time to match fast-paced business needs and updates”

Your Potential Objectives

Leverage true potential of the modern iSeries

Operational Efficiency
Resource Accessibility
Information Security
Cost Saving

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