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Understand its potential and plan your IT roadmap

30 years & still an alarming 58% of AS400 users don’t leverage its true potential. While organizations might be eager for a change, they need to realize the true potential of the machine and bring about a transformation that is technologically & economically prudent.

Reasons why CIOs/CTOs are alarmed

Already put in a lot of money, approvals for a transformation are unlikely!

Scarcity of Resources

20-year old code, 40-year old hardware, 60-year old staff

Inefficient operations

Unknown bottlenecks, tough & time taking diagnoses

Consistent Risk

Single point of failure with long-term resources

Fear of change

Changes to a running code might be followed by chaos

Choose the right path as per your context

Staying with a problem for years doesn’t mean efforts shouldn’t be made to change!

Don't Want to Change

Well, there has been none for years. It’s high time you embrace modern options before you face business fiascos.

iSeries performance
Dependency on old RPG/COBOL programmers
Lose market share to competition
Always busy fire-fighting (no innovation)
Unknown productivity & bottlenecks
Ongoing RPG team cost

Where can Nalashaa help?

For a problem created across 30 years, there is no magic bullet. A gradual change might help!

Support & Maintenance

We extend assistance in supporting your iSeries machine. While our experts support your system, they also cover additional tasks

  • Performance analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • System documentation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Re-assess future considerations
  • SLA-driven service management

Performance Improvement

We assess your system & come up with innovations that would help improve solution performance

  • Identify job level bottlenecks
  • Evaluate program resources
  • Portal for job monitoring
  • Look at CPU by Line of source code
  • Optimize tasks post-diagnosis

Uplift the experience

By creating a modern UI layer, we can give life to the iSeries system & save users from looking at green screens

  • Front-end modernization
  • Support for the modern code
  • Support for iSeries (if required)
  • Implement automation bots (RPA)
  • Automate iSeries manual tasks

Cloud migration

We can help free you from the iSeries hardware machine by moving the solution to the cloud without rewriting any system logic

  • Ideate, understand workflows & code
  • Plan the migration
  • Implement cloud infrastructure
  • Migrate DB2 data to cloud
  • Cloud Maintenance and support

Complete modernization

If you feel sunsetting the iSeries system is a prudent choice for business continuity, we can help you

  • Adopt modern technologies (Java, .Net, PHP, or any open source)
  • Migrate DB2 to Oracle, SQL Server
  • Derive insights through Data Engineering

How to start the journey?

To get you the right iSeries support, we would like to understand your context better. Please fill the form below & we will reach you within a few hours.

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