With evolving business needs, legacy applications mutate to a point where they are completely different from their original design, making it hard for IT staff to understand & support them. Therefore, many businesses are still prisoner to these, with a shrinking talent pool.

These systems don’t see ‘amateurish’ issues, but people who shaped these systems have retired or are about to. This is a business continuity risk as every fix or enhancement can break business processes fatally.

Symptoms that you need help

If you have been living with the green screens for a while, then below are a few things that should ring a bell.

Replacing people doesn’t solve the problem, it prolongs it. Putting a process in place is what gets rid of single-point of failures

‘Unavailability’ unacceptable

Your key RPG guys can take an uninterrupted vacation

Old lieutenants

Your RPG guys have grown expensive with time, are about to retire and you are out of options

Can’t commit

You are too busy fire-fighting to be able to plan and execute new initiatives

Squeaky bridges

A lot of ‘duct tape’ to keep the data exchange with partner systems

‘Unknown’ productivity

Limitations of the green screens have imposed a false absolute for productivity measurement

Where can we assist?

These systems have been created across a couple of decades, therefore there is no silver-bullet to overcome all the surrounding challenges. But for a start, we put in the necessary people and RPG support processes so that you can think ‘future’.

Monitor Maintain

  • System monitoring & administration
  • Documenting the existing code
  • Scheduled jobs, Queries, Data loads etc


  • Defect/Service request management
  • Patches & fixes
  • Deployments and roll-outs


  • Enhancements
  • Adapters for integrations
  • Custom reports

How to start the journey?

To get you the right RPG support, we would like to understand your needs better. The form below is a great way to start that!!

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