With evolving business needs, legacy applications mutate to a point where they are completely different from their original design, making it hard for IT staff to understand & support them. Therefore, many businesses are at risk with a shrinking talent pool.

These systems don’t see ‘amateurish’ issues, but people who shaped these systems have retired or are about to. This is a business continuity risk as every fix or enhancement has the potential of breaking business processes.

Our goal is solving your IBMi concerns

We help identify and solve roadblocks preventing you from effectively using your iSeries system

iSeries/AS400 Experts

With understanding of modern platforms

On-site + Remote Support

Local presence during project ideation

Fixed Price Packages

Transparent support plans for all your needs

Oversight & Governance

Processes & tools for quality measurement

Replacing people doesn’t solve the problem, it prolongs it. Putting a process in place is what helps get rid of single point of failures

Our Support Plans

Based on your assessment of the need, below is a spectrum of options for you to choose from.


Monthly Price

  • Resource Type
  • You Get

Let’s talk

  • A TEAM
  • An invested

$4800 /Month

  • Dedicated
  • 160

$3200 /Month

  • Shared
  • 80

$2000 /Month

  • Shared
  • 40

$1200 /Month

  • Shared
  • 20

$725 /Month

  • Shared
  • 10

$500 /Month

  • Shared
  • 5

Choose the package that makes sense to your business

Where can we assist?

These systems have been created over a couple of decades, therefore there is no silver bullet to overcome all the surrounding challenges at once. But for a start, we put in the right people and processes so that you can think ‘future’.

L2 & L3 iSeries Support
IBMi Web-app Support
Custom RPG Support
EDI Support
IBMi Cloud Services
iSeries Data Management
Performance Tuning
iSeries Version Upgrade
DB2 Administration
MQSeries Support

Potential business benefits

Reduced TCO

With our engagement models


Enhanced with performance tuning


Improved by upgrades & fixes

Rare downtime

With predictive maintenance

Time to market

Quicker with smooth operations


Access to a large talent pool

Let’s Get Started

To choose the right AS400/iSeries support for your business, we would like to understand your needs better. The form below is a great way to start that!

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