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Here’s the break-up

User retention is a priority for all EdTech providers. Most, if not all solution providers are witnessing customer churn for some common reasons. Here, we help you differentiate yourself by fixing these shortcomings across your education app user journey!

Deconstructing The
EdTech App User Journey

Let us help you identify the source of the problems impeding user retention.

Here are The Application Areas We Cover

Improvement Areas

  • Progress Management
    Opacity in student progress visibility
  • Meaningful use of Student Data
    Lack of user analytics
  • Career Graph
    Limited dashboard features to track career progression
  • Alumini Relations
    Cumbersome communication and data consolidation

Required Solution

  • Access Control
    Imparts robust authorization and authentication systems
  • Role Permissions
    Creates hierarchy-based access to the platform
  • Identity management
    Prevents platform access by unauthorized parties
  • Deduplication of Data
    Eliminates user and course related data redundancy

Improvement Areas

  • Course Planning
    Prolonged course planning workflows
  • Class Roster Management
    Inflexibility in Customization
  • Student Behavior Tracking
    Ineffective insights about student preferences and predilection

Required Solution

  • Content Delivery and LMS Integration
    Achieves user segmentation
  • Auto Scheduler
    Facilitates sequential course scheduling
  • User Dashboards
    Provides bird’s eye view of student profile

Improvement Areas

  • Content Discovery
    Inadequate user engagement
  • Gamification
    Monotonous course delivery system
  • Live Feed
    Lack of real-time updates/new delivery features
  • Content Version Control
    Inaccurate document control

Required Solution

  • Keyword and Duration Contexts
    Powerful search driven query systems
  • VR Integration
    Facilitates stimulating course content delivery
  • Video Conferencing Integration
    Creates Effective Video Driven student-instructor interaction

Improvement Areas

  • Parent and Teacher Communication Portal
    Ineffective parents teacher interaction
  • Fees Alerts, Reminders and Notifications
    Fragmented notifications
  • Course Updates
    Imprecise course update notifications

Required Solution

  • Real-time updates
    Facilitates Reliable Information Exchange
  • Live Chat Integration
    Promotes Increased Collaboration
  • Personalized Content Delivery
    Attunes with Individual Student Aptitude
  • Email and Social Media Integration
    Makes Learning Fun and Rewarding

Improvement Areas

  • Regulatory reporting
    Lack of visibility in regulatory advancements
  • Vendor Management
    Fragmented visibility on different vendors
  • Transportation
    Limited visibility in fleet management
  • Library
    Weak requirement and stock management visibility

Required Solution

  • Portal Integration
    Unifies disparate admin domains under one roof
  • Zero Touch Onboarding
    Increases convenience of onboarding
  • API Integration
    Facilitates cross application integration

Deconstructing The
EdTech App User Journey

To identify the chinks in your user app journey, we have to examine it closely. Below is the breakup of where the source of the challenges are:

Here’s what needs to be fixed

Stuck in while overhauling your EdTech app?

Education App Development Services
That Make a Difference

We bring an ideal mix of variety and competence with our services. Let’s help you pursue context driven improvements to nail user retention.

Product Engineering

Accelerate high-quality product development. Transform product ideas into fully functional offerings that captivate user interest.


Connect with Ecosystem. Enable complete business workflows via seamless connections to ERPs, CRMs, Financial systems etc.


Reduce Time to Market. Accelerated, frequent product updates with reduced manual effort.

UX Revitalization

Design to delight your app users. We power up UX transformation that resonates with modern Edtech App Users.

Data Services

Leverage user intel for better engagement. We help you harness the potential of your data!


Reduce manual labor to reduce Operating Expense. Eliminate manual steps for end users, and unlock new monetization opportunities.

Why Choose Us ?

Our product development capabilities strike the right chord with EdTech App Developers

Business Thinking

We don’t just write code, we create business value. Progressive thinking fuels innovation, cost consciousness aids bottom-lines!

Engineering Excellence

We have deep experience in developing enterprise and consumer solutions, to ensure predictable outcomes.

Convenient Execution

We exist so that you don’t have to sweat it out giving directions all the time. Accountable adults make our teams successful.


While we assume ownership of things, we keep you in loop to avoid surprises. It’s all online, real-time!

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