In the face of mounting operational and financial pressure, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps the Banking & Financial sector to evolve continuously, maximize efficiency, cut costs, remain competitive, and deliver exceptional customer service.

“RPA facilitates seamless banking by transforming end-to-end operations from loan origination to collection.”

Robotic process automation in banking replaces manual labor with intelligent computer programs to inject efficiency and accuracy into repetitive processes, without the need for overhauling the existing operating systems.

RPA in finance significantly reduces employee workload; saves time on manual tasks including information verification, processing, and closures; and cuts down on operating costs – thus ensuring competence, compliance, and profitability. With AI-based technology getting increasingly prominent across the financial sector, RPA has emerged as a meaningful investment to optimize operations and improve compliance.

Robotic process automation


Banking and financial institutions are facing immense competition, cyber threats, and the overwhelming challenge of meeting regulatory reforms and heightened customer expectations. Additionally, the industry dynamics have forced them to push hard to control the eroding margins, expand their footprint, and improve the bottom-line.

Pain Points

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Frequently changing banking regulations cause high compliance costs.

Disparate Systems

Segmented data for different offerings results in information mismanagement; LOS and POS integration necessitates manual efforts.

Poor Business Insights

Off-target financial offerings stemming from the wastage of valuable customer data.

Spike in Work Volumes

Multitasking demotivates and overstretches the workforce, implying increased operational risks.

How RPA helps

Our solutions help banking companies focus on customer demands, competition from new entrants, sophisticated financial criminals, and waves of regulatory requirements. Considering the increasing scarcity of skilled resources, RPA in banking handles the large-scale routine data-movement tasks, allowing the human workforce to tackle other crucial aspects of the business.

Nalashaa’s comprehensive range of finance process automation services across the banking ecosystem supports a technology-agnostic approach to achieve value-added digital transformation.

Front- End

Customer Service, Collection, Deposits, Reminders, Customer Onboarding, Data Capture from disparate LOS systems.

Middle Office

Loan Origination & Processing, KYC, Vendor Management, Credit Card Processing, Secondary Markets, Post-Closing, Title & Settlement, Valuation, HMDA Reporting, Underwriting


HR, Records Maintenance, Accounting, Auditing, Data Storage, Data Mining, Accounts Payable/Receivables


Regulatory Reporting, Adopting New Requirements, Meeting Deadlines, Record-keeping for Audits, Fraud/ Transaction Review, Restricted Access, Real-Time Authentication, Monitoring Anomalies

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