For ISVs, the implication of the advent of digital technology is twofold – a) access to agile ways of building quality solutions; b) the need for constant technology and process upgrades to stay in the race. Product engineering, by default, must be user-centric, cost-effective, scalable, and future-ready. Attempting to achieve these with traditional software development practices might prove counterproductive while a modern approach encompassing advanced methodologies and frameworks helps stakeholders to ride the technology wave.

At Nalashaa, we empower you to adapt to the dynamically changing technology landscape and translate emerging trends into viable products that suit your enterprise ecosystem.

Nalashaa's Offerings

Our wide array of custom software development services is tailored to complement your efforts toward building winning digital solutions.

Why Partner With Nalashaa?

We fuel your pursuit of cost and product optimization throughout the digital solution lifecycle. As your software development outsourcing partner, we help you win the digital-transformation game through innovation and agility.

Our Approach

We transform your digital dreams into reality with a comprehensive approach that’s tweaked to meet your requirements, budget, and timeline.


Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test
  • Process mining to discover, document, and analyze existing processes and produce visual maps of the workflow.
  • Define user persona and identify opportunities, needs & value propositions. Add real-world contexts to opportunities.
  • Create an actual prototype or an approximate mock-up to address the major technical issues.

Project Planning

Scope, Risks, Schedule, Resource, Budget, Communication
  • List down intermediate & final deliverables. Requirements, limitations & risks are identified and change management is introduced.
  • Define the delivery plan logic in a hierarchical structure with time-bound objectives.
  • Determine a cost estimate and work out a contingency plan. Identify and allocate human and capital resources.
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Define Requirements, UI Design, Development, QA, UAT, and Release
  • Communication with stakeholders to analyze and manage expectations. Custom tools to manage information flow.
  • Quality standards are established within project scheduling and budgetary requirements. Metrics to track progress are established.
  • All UAT items are closed/addressed. Acceptance criteria are defined and deliverables are reviewed/approved.
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Deliverables, KPIs, Post Implementation Review
  • Identify a release plan for deliverables and inform stakeholders about the closure.
  • Post-implementation review to ascertain if the final product meets all requirements within its scope & budget.
  • Complete the contractual agreements and confirm the formal acceptance of the client. Help the client with enhancements.
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Partner with us for your digital transformation journey

Our unique blend of domain expertise and product engineering services can open up new avenues for you while constantly powering your current requirements.
Let’s connect to explore how our IT professional services can help you delve beyond transaction-driven models and start creating real value.

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