Cloud engineering

As consumers’ preferences gravitate towards an ‘online world’, businesses across industries are shedding their decade-old inhibitions related to cloud based IT solutions. Availability of developer skill-sets, ubiquitous internet connectivity, proliferation of cloud-enablement tools and maturing service quality of cloud vendors have supplemented the adoption to a great extent. With that, end businesses are realizing the power, simplicity, efficiency, scale and cost optimization that cloud promises. If you haven’t explored the viability of such a powerful way for business enablement, below are a few reasons that might help you make the switch.

Improved reliability
and availability

No hardware
maintenance overhead

Swift deployments
/ roll-outs

Effortless business
scalability & Flexibility

No Security investments
/ upgrades required


Easier integration
with third-parties

No CapEx for
new initiatives

How can we help you achieve it?

We realize that each business is at different adoption stages when it comes to cloud engineering services. Just like many other technological choices, cloud isn’t a panacea. The decision about when or if at all to make the transition should rest on your business context. In order to take that decision based on the right data points, you need to understand your business and what capabilities cloud can provide. While you are adept at the former, we are good at the latter. Businesses that have already adopted cloud have different challenges to grapple with because the technology compass needs to align with their business objectives continuously. That is why we at Nalashaa have structured our offerings to help you at each stage of this technology revolution.

If you haven’t subscribed the cloud philosophy yet, chances are that you are still skeptical about it. We help you demystify it for you so that you can make an informed choice. We aim to understand your business objectives, priorities, and KPIs as part of the exercise. Then we evaluate the technological choices that cloud offers (Azure, AWS, Oracle etc.) and then propose the ones that fit you. As part of this exercise, we can

  • Do a complete portfolio analysis to understand the current state
  • Evaluate technological choices and relate them to your business needs
  • Provide recommendations on effectively using cloud infrastructure
  • Demonstrate cost model to help you get a realistic picture of OpEx involved
  • Showcase an ROI analysis for the entire initiative to validate the business case
  • Suggest change management steps for better end-user adoption
  • Help you chalk out a transformation plan

Depending on why businesses want to migrate to cloud, there might be different options to pursue. If you are looking to migrate your existing solution portfolio to cloud, we can help you do that in a minimally intrusive way by porting those and rewiring them for the cloud. Also, there might be enterprise applications that might be better off within your network. We can integrate those with the ones that you choose to migrate to the cloud. Based on the nature and technical design of the application, we can

  • Modernize legacy applications for cloud fitment
  • Virtualize them in the cloud of your choice
  • Do a Lift & shift, and rewire them to work with their ecosystem
  • Setup the environments and processes for development, testing, and release management
  • Take a Proof Of Concept (PoC) driven approach to mitigate tackle application idiosyncrasies

Modern cloud platforms offer quick, painless ways to build cloud-native applications that deliver micro-services to end-users and result in superior experience, if one knows the tricks of the trade. We understand the platform capabilities that can accelerate development while easing maintenance, tools that can be leveraged and processes that can be implemented to enable swift roll-outs. This allows you to be nimble while rendering the required scalability on demand. We achieve it through

  • Ground-up development of SaaS enabled solutions
  • Integration with out-of-the-box cloud services to reduce development time
  • Injection of DevOps philosophy in SDLC enabling smarter maintenance
  • Secure integration with other clouds or enterprise solutions

Even after the migration and deployment to cloud, there remain chores that need demand attention. The way your application portfolio is managed on the cloud determines the operation expense month on month. We aim to reduce this while ensuring uninterrupted quality of service to your end users. There are several aspects such as monitoring, backups, provisioning, security etc. that require skilled professionals that understand the breadth of options that cloud offers. Our teams help you with

  • Orchestration
  • Metering
  • Automation
  • Roll-out and support