Client Challenge

The client was looking to modernize their solution by deploying a technology platform that was capable of supplying their integration needs quickly for better engagement of stakeholders. In the existing implementation, there was an increased overhead due to continuous server polling. During exceptional situations, troubleshooting was also cumbersome and required frequent intervention by the client. The client wanted to build extensibility into the system to enable seamless integrations, eventually reducing their maintenance and support effort.

The Solution

Nalashaa’s solutions team took stock of the matter and opted for a loosely coupled design for facilitating the extensibility of the system. Webhooks were utilized to serve relevant information to subscribers, reducing server polling and facilitating sync between applications. To handle third-party integrators, provisions for data validations and error messages were established.

Additionally, the team implemented ‘Swagger’ for complete API documentation, which was made available to the in-house teams as well as external developers for seamless integration with client’s systems.


  • Better partner experiences - Instant access to data without human intervention saves up to 40% of the resource owner’s time daily. Stakeholders are better informed on recent developments, enabling them to make faster and smarter decisions.
  • API usage analysis metrics, leading to better monetization - The integrated system gives a clear picture of current developments, figures, and data – enabling the client to better manage and refine the process. Visibility into insights, data, and statistics gives a holistic view of critical patterns.
  • Seamless integration improving customer service – With self-help capabilities extended to the customer, they can easily search for the information they need, which saves substantial time. APIs break down the silos of isolated customer data, transforming the customer experience.
  • Zero-touch partner onboarding - The single integration platform is preloaded and preconfigured to support all advanced protocols to assist and onboard trading partners. The library of pre-built connectors relieves the internal team of the heavy lifting. The thorough documentation helps partners with a logical way to learn the process quickly.

Technology Stack

  • Java 1.8
  • Spring 4.0 & Spring JDBC
  • Maven 4.0
  • JBoss EAP 6.0
  • GIT
  • Jenkin
  • Swagger

How to start the journey?

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