Web application development services involves the creation of custom software applications that can be accessed over the internet. Nalashaa helps businesses achieve their goals by building powerful, scalable, and secure web applications. Our team of expert web app developers has the skills and expertise needed to create custom solutions that meet your exact needs, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed.

Our Offerings

We start by assessing your current environment and then categorize the applications for modernization, migration, maintenance, or integration to accelerate your digital transformation.

  • Open standards-based systems with the support to integrate third-party software.
  • High-business value with real-time customization, hyperconnectivity, and extreme personalization.
  • Integration with legacy apps & data, and consolidation of existing solutions to realize greater productivity.
Custom Application Development
  • Optimal
    system performance
  • Low
    operating overhead
  • Resilient &
    flexible applications
  • Leverage automation for constant improvement in applications and workflows. Outcome-based SLA to align innovation with business priorities.
  • End-to-end maintenance including version upgrades & enhancements, technical troubleshooting, and QA testing.
  • Smooth transition mechanism to take over the work of the internal team with zero disruption to operations & delivery.
Custom Application Development
  • Reengineering applications
    for improved performance
  • Redesigning for
  • Zero
  • Data-driven insights for making migration choices; a combination of observability platforms & DevOps methodologies for successful transitions.
  • Automated migration with minimum human intervention to cut down on errors and associated risks.
  • Time-tested process to enhance security and productivity while facilitating workflow flexibility and scalability.
Legacy Migration
  • Higher ROI
    on new platforms
  • Support for new
    user requirements
  • Retained
    business logic
  • Feature-packed native and cross-platform apps for frictionless mobile experiences. Customer journey mapping for engaging UI tailored to user needs and pain points.
  • Seamless integration with CMS, CRM, and ERP systems and real-time data exchange with connected devices, sensors, and wearables.
  • Biometric authentication, two-step verification, and data encryption to promote usage. Complete mobile testing strategy with actionable testing reports.
Custom Application Development
  • User
  • Low development/
    maintenance cost
  • High
    conversions rate
  • End-to-end migration strategy including planning, execution, and optimization. Consultation for application assessment, platform architecture review, and cost analysis.
  • Unified cloud operations including process monitoring & control, and performance optimization. Detailed security & risks assessment and compliance considerations.
  • Development, implementation, integration, and support of fast and lightweight cloud applications.
Cloud Application Development
  • Flexible storage
    & maintenance
  • Ubiquitous
    data access
  • Auto cost
    tracking & scaling

Why Nalashaa?

Achieve business agility by transforming your web application development services through proven techniques and industry best practices.

Technology Proficiency

Technology agnostic; 1200+ man-hours; 200+ products built across various platforms, 30+ ongoing support engagements

Transparent Communication

Governance meetings, audits, clear-cut reports; Project tracking tools; Performance reviews & feedback implementation process

Robust Process

Clearly-defined objectives & process owners; incremental development methods for early returns

Faster Time to Market

Leverage automation for product development; seasonal calendar with key functional milestones; efficient feedback process

Ease of management

Our client-centric approach and adherence to industry best practices ensure a seamless experience for you.

Our Approach

We transform your digital dreams into reality with a comprehensive approach that’s tweaked to meet your requirements, budget, and timeline.


Identify your functional and non-functional requirements and follow that with brainstorming, storyboarding, and prototyping.


Determine project goals and create a blueprint with stage-specific metrics. Forecast the project timeline and estimate the required effort.


Build the project architecture through prototypes of the IT infrastructure and system model. Use prototype elements to create the actual, functional product.


We prepare you for the implementation phase and ensure that everything’s working fine. A successful launch is followed by a maintenance plan to keep the application current and future-ready.

Reimagine your application development process, today.

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