Healthcare RCM solutions are focused on the efficient use of technology to achieve better financial performance and improve patient experience while keeping the costs low.

In addition to more than 14,000 medical codes, the average hospital has 29 different systems that must be maintained and updated to effectively run its business.

How can RPA help?

Revenue integrity (RI) is critical in ensuring that the revenue is accurate in coding and in charge capture, and has reasonable pricing for the services provided while complying with laws and regulations.

Review and resolution of duplicate entries

Eliminate manual errors

An extension of the existing adjudicating system with minimal infrastructural changes

Creating an error-free collection protocol


Several health insurers have implemented robotic process automation to extend the functionality of existing adjudication platforms and increased auto-adjudication by over 10% points.

Here is what they have achieved through an RPA BOT:

Integrated EHR solution

Advanced and efficient coding platform

Reduction in claim denial & claim to payment time

Faster transaction processing and anomaly resolution

How to start the journey?

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