RPA in insurance industry refers to the use of software robots to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks, such as data entry, claims processing, policy issuance, and customer service. By deploying RPA solutions, insurance companies can streamline operations, reduce errors, enhance efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. These automated processes enable insurers to focus on more strategic activities while delivering faster and more accurate services to policyholders.


The Insurance Industry is evolving, and so are customer expectations. This makes it imperative for insurers to build solutions that improve customer experience and exceed expectations. The stiff competition has forced them to seek a silver bullet to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Until recently, simple bots with limited capabilities were handling manual processes. But the technology was insufficient for tackling the evolving challenges in underwriting, policy administration, claims processing, policy servicing, and other critical insurance operations. Today, organizations are flooded with routine, repetitive, and operational tasks best handled by attended bots with enhanced intelligence.

Pain Points

Manual data input

Heavily dependent on human labor and prone to errors.

Disparate systems

Delays response time and sabotages downstream customer satisfaction.

Legacy Applications

Siloed structures leading to poor policy information sharing.

Lack of system integrators

It affects performance and slows down treasury operations with unnecessary manual effort.

Regulation & Compliance

High Costs and Inconveniences of complying with the fast changing regulations.

How can RPA help?

Our solutions help banking companies focus on customer demands, competition from new entrants, sophisticated financial criminals, and waves of regulatory requirements. Considering the increasing scarcity of skilled resources, RPA in insurance handles the large-scale routine data-movement tasks, allowing the human workforce to tackle other crucial aspects of the business.

Claims Management

Claims Processing, Claims Adjudication, Claims Approval

Policy Administration & Servicing

Policy Checking, Policy Issuance, Endorsements

Renewals & Purchases

Quote Management, Auto-alerts & Reminders, Renewals

Underwriting & Pricing

Underwriting Claims, Income Calculation, Risk Evaluation, Loss Evaluation

Finance & Accounts

Track Account Receivables/Payments, Generate Invoice, Invoice Payment & Shipment

Compliance & Fraud Detection

Compliance Check & Validation, Contract Issuance, HIPAA assessment

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