Life @ Nalashaa

A company is as good as the people in it. We understand that people are our greatest strength. We as an organization invest a lot of time in putting together programs and benefits that minimize work stress and instead fosters innovation and creativity. As we grow, we celebrate years of friendship, collaboration, learning, freedom to do things differently and recognition.

Over the years what has worked for Nalashaa to have long term meaningful relationships with people is our genuine interest in the growth of every employee. Growth is fueled by questioning, challenging, winning, failing etc.

Our goal is to help our teams question and challenge anything be it an internal idea or a client’s. Questioning or challenging goes beyond helping our teams learn and grow. It emphasizes our client engagement and our desire to be part of their success. Most importantly, it helps our teams build a great relationship with our clients.

We love great relationships.

Annual Day'18 Nalashaa
Nalashaa Annual Day’18

One of the most anticipated and exciting events of the year was our Annual Party. This year’s party was held in November. Our CEO spoke on this occasion about how the year had been and what we have to look forward to in the coming year. Apart from growth in business he specifically mentioned that…

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Independence day
Independence Day Celebration

We celebrated our 72nd independence day by gathering together and honoring those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy today. On this day, apart from singing patriotic songs and having a patriotic dance, we took an oath of helping disabled children through CSR activities. Happy Independence Day Independence Day Independence Dayy

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Nalashaa, Talent Hunt
Talent Show

Nalashaa organized a Talent Show in the month of July 2018, to give our employees a platform to showcase their talent. The sheer enthusiasm of both the participants and the audience was overwhelming. We were thrilled to see that not only do we have amazing singers and graceful dancers in Nalashaa, but also gifted musicians and poets! In…

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Happy Women’s Week!

Over the years I have come across women who have, however clichéd it may sound, broken barriers, proved people wrong, taken a chance, and probably still are on a forever learning path. But, that is what drives every human being, the drive to excel and the need to learn. Here are some of the strong…

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Mitra – A Bond between Nalashaa and Antaraganga

Antaraganga is a residential school for mentally and physically challenged children and our association with Antaraganga started in 2014. This school currently takes care of 74 children who are mentally challenged and/or disabled. They also function as a rehabilitation center where Mr. Shankar and his family along with a team of teachers/trainers and attendants take…

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On Women’s Day

It was a Happy Women’s day at Nalashaa!! Here is a picture of all the beautiful women of Nalashaa that was taken as part of the recent International Women’s Day celebrations. Nalashaa is proud to say, we have 28% of our employee strength as women and we have women working with us across the spectrum;…

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How I see Nalashaa

I am the Rajinikanth of Nalashaa, Ravikant Sharma, known mostly for my impromptu dance steps and songs; I also head the recruitment function. I joined Nalashaa when we were a startup and from then till date, it’s been an amazing story! What I like the most is the camaraderie that exists with the leadership team;…

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SQL Meet up and Conference

As techies, we always love to be around something magical happening in the tech world. Don’t you agree with the saying that great programmers are like magicians? We got an invitation to be part of an SQL server conference happening at Microsoft, Bangalore in the month of July, conducted by SQL Server Geeks. is…

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The Nalashaa People

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a Very Happy Independence Day! On this Independence day, we would like to bring to you some small bits about Nalashaa which we try to preserve and cherish as we grow. We would like to talk to you about our culture at Nalashaa and how we try…

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