An ode to international women’s day

Nov 17, 2022 Samuel Thomas

“You’re she who wears many hats, at times you’re a mother, or a sister, a wife, a daughter, and at many times, a friend.

You’re she who turns the four walls and the roof into a home, who nurtures the family with utmost care, who shares everything and still stands strong.

You’re she who symbolizes strength, care and love.

Dear Stree, keep your shine intact and your head high

For the world out there counts on you!

“This year at Nalashaa, we had a virtual celebration with fun quiz content on Women Trivia; it was followed by a few male employees sharing their thoughts about the women in their lives and how they’ve been a pillar of support. It was mesmerizing to see every happy face on the same Teams video call screen, sharing and reliving their memories with their loved ones. Also, not to miss, the special coupon of love added a good ending!!”

Womens Day Womens Day Womens Day
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Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas has over 6 years of experience in business development, Pre-sales, and IT consulting across Healthcare, Networking & Financial domains with extensive exposure to US Healthcare from a marketing & sales standpoint.