The accounting processes for businesses have undergone massive overhauls with the gradual shift to technology from paper based systems. Technology has brought in capabilities and solutions which help the finance and accounting department to better serve the needs of the modern corporations. Today, technology has gone a step ahead with software bots which can automate manual tasks, manage workflows, and complete tasks without human intervention, This, in turn, greatly enhances financial control and efficiency. Corporations are progressively implementing latest process automation techniques and bringing in process optimization alongside accuracy and speed.


The world of accounting and bookkeeping is full of processes which are considered immutable. But, the truth is that they have been initiated during the era of manual processing, and today with technology, we have more control and flexibility over the tasks and timelines.

57% of companies who have automated their reconciliation process are able to complete their quarterly close within six business days.

Benefits of RPA

There are many activities which can bring higher efficiency to processes. RPA technology is built with the aim to understand how humans perform tasks, in order to learn how to speed up and enhance performance. Complex software bots can be implemented to minimize core accounting activities for the finance team and in turn focus on strategic objectives.

Financial Control

Automated period end activities to track books and detect inefficiencies


Automation can help increase process efficiencies and help in regulatory compliance


Complete automation of invoice management, data storage, and productivity systems


Highly streamlined with advanced processing capabilities, lower costs, and efficiency


Minimal infrastructural changes focussed on automating process yields and productivity

How to start the journey?

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