Automating the AS400-based Invoicing Process for a Dutch Garden Product Supplier

Automating the TRP Data Process for a Leading TV Network

Data backup automation for a valve manufacturer’s AS400 system

Automating the Accounts Receivables Update Process

Ramping up AS400 application for efficient medical claims management

Superior AS400 system documentation services for a Health Information Technology Provider

RPA powers bidirectional data flow between disparate systems

Reimagining the Quote Renewal Process with RPA

Reimagining Claims Status Check and Payment Posting processes with automation

RPA injects accuracy and efficiency into Patient Eligibility Verification

RPA Drives Logistics Company in Top Gear

RPA integrated with chatbots to offer exceptional customer service

RPA helps CRM company to automate account customization for onboarding

Automating account reconciliation for a reputed tool manufacturer

Automated invoice processing for a global container shipping giant

Leveraging RPA to achieve an efficient Invoice Reconciliation Process for an IT service provider

Automating purchase order validation for a major pump manufacturer

Enhanced Finance Management through Dynamics 365 for a British Charitable Organization

Vitalizing Dynamics 365 for a US Based Steel Roofing Solutions Firm

Powering up Dynamics 365 for a Swiss Investment Firm

Versatile Dynamics 365 for Human Resource Management Firm Based Out of Texas

Pristine Dynamics 365 Upgrade for Clean Energy Solutions Firm

Amplified CRM for a UK Based Child Services Organization

CRM Upgrade for Mortgage Lending Firm Based out of Connecticut

Dynamics 365 Social Engagement and Azure integration for UK based Government Agency

Centralized platform for employees for a world re-known wheelchair manufacturer

Dynamics CRM integrated with SharePoint to deliver a simplified sales and marketing platform for a manufacturing giant

Customized CRM for one of the fastest growing mortgage companies

Shipping and Transportation provider reaps benefits from a CRM overhaul

Activity coach for the differently-abled built for a world renowned wheelchair manufacturer

Application modernization and enhancing user experience for a global logistics firm

RPA BoT to Automate and Streamline Invoicing Processes

Banking and loan disbursement modules for a fast growing mortgage company

SharePoint enables bid management and project management for a manufacturing giant

Cloud enabled crowd sourcing platform

Cloud enables professional growth and e-learning

Quick product revamps to enable add-ons to work hassle free with latest versions of Dynamics CRM for Retail, Manufacturing and Financial Services

Data insights and visualization dashboards delivered through Power BI for a leading energy enterprise

Dynamics CRM brings exemplary sales process management for an engineering firm

Dynamics CRM and SharePoint brings an all new business solution for a boutique investment firm

Dynamics CRM upgrade and redevelopment of a custom quote engine for a large Autodesk reseller

Enhancements and API Integration for a Recruitment and On-boarding system

High performance middleware connectors for Dynamics CRM for a high performance application integration platform

An innovative online shopping entity to a retail store chain

Insurance risk analysis engine across geographical boundaries

iPad app redefines sales with enhanced usability for the pharmaceutical industry

Loan Origination System for a fast growing mortgage company

Mobile app based real estate marketing

Mortgage Reports – HMDA, NMLS and Other Reports

Scalable, cloud powered event management solution

Social powered route mapping for the differently-abled

Streamlining mortgage information with cloud technology

Technology overhaul from VB to Microsoft .Net, for a MS Excel based reporting and integration engine

Complex dashboards and Power BI visualizations for a cloud LOS provider

RPA bot implementation to automate investment portfolio withdrawal processes

Integrated Survey & Modeling solution to simplify construction projects

RPA bot implementation to automate BARCS TRP extraction & verification

Shipping and Transportation provider reaps benefits from a CRM overhaul