Streamlining mortgage information with cloud technology


The mortgage sector required various players to be connected and at the same time, data integrity and security to be ensured. Our client, brings cloud based solutions streamlining process within the sector and also easing mechanisms of information sharing across stakeholders.

Technology Stack

  • .Net MVC
  • MS SQL
  • Javascript
  • jquery

Client Challenge

The client required an all encompassing system which would connect all the stakeholders in the mortgage sector helping each to achieve their tasks with ease. Borrower information needed to be collated and shared across various stakeholders and at the same time sensitive information was to be accessible only to specific personnel.


Nalashaa implemented a cloud based solution which captured and maintained all the case attributes including the borrower personal and financial information, and subject property information. The solution has a company and branch structural implementation with a role based access to ensure data security for all sensitive data. This brought about streamlining of processes and also assurance for the data collected for mortgage processing.