Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems have been neglected by most businesses as it runs in the background, and we assume that it is working effectively. In the new decade, the focus of CIOs and IT heads is swiftly shifting towards automated and digitally tracked transactions. Due to this, implementation and well-structured maintenance of EDI systems have become a priority to ensure operational efficiency. Mapping and integrating EDI to IBM i/AS400 applications can be complex at times, and with a lack of EDI experience, enterprises need to onboard experts to avoid delays and cost overruns.

What is barring you from focusing on EDI?

Here are a few things that you might have in mind.

EDI Scaling

Need to keep scaling the scope of your EDI to handle changing EDI protocols

Data Quality

Inconsistency in the system’s data would cause issues in EDI operations

In-house Knowledge

Lack of EDI experts who can implement and maintain the system

High Costs

Owning the EDI infrastructure requires substantial financial resources


Challenging when all partners have not yet upgraded to EDI

Nalashaa’s EDI Services for IBM i/AS400 systems

Stay prepared for the future.

Integration assessments and strategy consultation with our EDI Experts.

System assessment

Develop EDI strategy

Refine current landscape

Propose the right EDI tools

Plan potential architecture

EDI Contultation
Audit your IBM i/AS400 EDI strategy to assess common challenges.

Create audit plan

Review current processes

Assess EDI data errors

Check integration backlog

Recommend changes

EDI Audit
Our experts understand your domain and its specific EDI requirements.

Setup and planning

Process documentation

Transaction mapping

Testing and deployment

Support and fixes

EDI Implementation
Engage our experts to maintain and enhance your EDI system.

Fixes and enhancements

Ongoing documentation

Process optimization

User training

Partner management

EDI Support

Tools of Trade

Benefits that you will experience

With streamlined and efficient operations

EDI Benefits

Manual tasks are drastically reduced or even eliminated

Response Time

EDI documents are sent and received in seconds

Data Accuracy

Standardized information exchange ensures accuracy


Manage more value-adding tasks with lesser manpower

Process Visibility

Track digital footprints of the shared EDI documents


Efficient operations improve experience of the customer

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