Numerous challenges plague the airline industry when it comes to managing business functions, especially the complex network of distribution channels. While working with various agencies to maximize the sale of tickets, it is also crucial that controls are in place to ensure no gap is left between collectable and collected revenue.

Apart from working towards building an optimized solution to maximize revenue in the long run, competing in today’s world is also about bettering margins. Data Analytics along with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will drive speed, accuracy, and volume helping to achieve minimum Agent Debit Memo (ADM) and maximum revenue protection.


Till recent times, manual processes have been the only means to ascertain huge volumes of repetitive and inadvertent errors when tallying agency numbers. And with the increasing sales of airline tickets across numerous platforms, it becomes increasingly difficult for this large manual effort to be completed, on time and/or accurately.

Benefits of RPA


Highly streamlined with advanced processing capabilities, lowering costs and increasing efficiency


Complete automation of data storage and auditing detecting revenue leakage early on

Customer Service

Removing manual processes and automating customer tasks will increase efficiency and overall satisfaction

How to start the journey?

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