The education sector is taking steps towards automation by leveraging technologies like Robotic Process Automation which assist them in improving their business performance and ROI. These advancements are being fuelled by RPA tools that require limited implementation time. These software bots operate only on the UI level like a human, without API instrumentation or any security bypass, making them perfect for various operational processes which require a security clearance.

A lot of manual labour and paperwork can be entirely eliminated from school administration process using automation. Which in turn would help the staff to focus on crucial operations with better productivity and fewer errors.

Benefits of RPA

Candidate Shortlisting

Automated check on each application based on the preset criteria to provide a list of shortlisted candidates.

Course Registration & student onboarding

Automated internal system updates as students register and are approved for courses.

Attendance Tracking

RFID card data is processed and automated anomaly communication along with complete reporting capabilities.

Student Grading and Assessment

Beyond OMR sheet assessments, RPA brings forth true automation in the assessment and grading of a wider variety of questions.

How to start the journey?

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