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One of the top IT Consultants in the United States specializing in Data Analytics and Cloud Computing sought Nalashaa's expertise to develop software for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) clients. The goal was to streamline workload and minimize human error in circuit designs for building light fixtures. 


Business Problem:

After an architect uses Revit to design the building layout and lights, the next step involves circuit design by an electrical engineer. This process is time-consuming and costly, taking weeks to months based on project complexity. To address this challenge the client sought an efficient, cutting-edge solution to overcome the otherwise cumbersome process of designing circuits while still complying with US lighting regulations. The requirement was for the tool to auto calculate the electrical load of the fixtures and suggest a wiring layout accordingly. 

Business Solution Proposed

Seamless Integration

The solution must be a plug-and-play service. It should seamlessly work with any Revit tool without the need of expert help. 

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Load Calculation

Irrespective of the size of the building or the design complexity of the placement of lights, the solution must auto-calculate the load based on the type of fixture referenced in the building layout. .


The tool's standout feature is its automation prowess in circuiting the light fixtures. It should effortlessly handle the intricate task of establishing electrical circuits, streamlining the process for users.  

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Compliance with Codes and Standards

The final output must be compliant with relevant electrical codes and standards flagging potential violations and helping designers stay compliant.

What did the final solution look like?  

In about 8 months, a team of two developed a solution famously called the “Lighting Tool” to read CAD designs for buildings, determine the light type and specifications, and plan a wiring layout to handle the overall power demand of the circuit.

The circuit design is smart, considering things like voltage specs and the number of fixtures in each room. For instance, if a circuit needs a minimum of six lights and a room only has four, the system can extend the wiring layout to include fixtures from nearby rooms, if the load allows. On the flip side, if a room has more than the minimum, a separate circuit with an individual switch for each room is needed.

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Besides that, the solution can tell normal lights from emergency ones. It does this through a specific labeling system or attributes within the Revit tool. Recognizing the unique wiring needs of emergency lights, the system uses a color-coding system for clarity. Red wiring layouts mean Emergency light fixtures, bordered red means normal light fixtures while green means the light fixture that has been circuited. A life safety hatch tells if the light fixture is of type “Life Safety”. The circuit designs can also be exported into *.rvt files and can be shared with the Architects for a final check. Only the file owner and authorized personnel are allowed to make modifications to it.

Benefits Experienced 

Enhanced security

Heightened security as the file is accessible only by authorized personnel with read, review, and edit permissions. 


Plug-and-Play service that works seamlessly with the Revit software. 

Version Compatibility

The service is compatible with different versions of Revit, catering to users using various releases of the software. This versatility ensures accessibility for a wide range of Revit users. .

Saves Time

Irrespective of the complexity of the building and the lighting fixtures – the software can give you the circuit design in minutes as opposed to waiting for weeks and months for an electrical engineer to do the same. 

High Customization

The tool can be customized to meet country-specific electrical standards and hence can be used by clients across the globe.

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