RPA BoT to Automate
Investment Portfolio Processes

Automate processes, increase speed and better efficiency for banking processes


Banking & Financial Services


UiPath, Custom CRM Application, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PDF Reader



An independent private and merchant bank in EU, wanted to simplify and quicken their client investment withdrawal process.


The client was looking to automate processes, increase speed and better efficiency. They wanted security to be at par with manual processes, and ensure consistent work logs, exception handling and a stable, scalable process.


Initial stages involved integration of front end and back end workflows for a complete end to end withdrawal request. This was followed with addition of more business rules and security checks for complete workflow automation. As a final step, exception handling was implemented and stability of processes were optimized.


iNatrix implemented the RPA solution progressively by including more critical features in stages. Security was to be at par with manual processes yet the process should be build for scale and stability.